CALLING ALL NERDFIGHTERS!! Lets start an international Gift Exchange for Christmas!:D

So i just discovered nerdfighter gift exchanges and am really reaally desperate to start one! Anyone want to join in? I just think its such a beautiful idea sharing and giving something to people you have never met but have a lot in common with! It really is pure spreading of awesome and that is something that should be promoted everywhere! And lets make it international-no one should be excluded! No matter where you live it can be posted; if your broke something can be made or a pic, video, song could be created and shared online.Any fellow nerdfighters will be made entirely out of awesome and therefore see the importance of promoting this project to decrease World Suck! It would just make anyones day to receive a gift which so much love has gone into from a random stranger- it gives you hope for the world- THERE ARE NICE PEOPLE OUT THERE!? so just respond with any ideas and how we can make it happen:)

Thanks guys


K, so its after christmas, time to share what we gave and got as and when we recieve our gifts. Some of you may not have got yours yet (i haven't :)) but hopefully they will arrive eventually so just give us a buzz when they do! Curious to find out the outcome of our endeavour! :D

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I'd love to join your endeavour, if you can find someone willing to ship to Australia :)

Yeah, I'm up for this! :D So this is some sort of massively large scale secret santa!?!? :D awesome.

Email address pleease :)

Awesome! Now we just have to collect some more people (so spread the word!)! and we're away! This is gonna be epic! Any ideas on how we are gonna get it to work in a way where people dont have to worry about sharing their address with the world? (im  thinking of doing it kind of how this person did it:, and pairing people up giving them eachothers email addressses let them sort out how they want to do it and then set up a thread to share what we did and got! Exciting!

This is a great idea!!! Count me in!

Email address pleeease :)

this actually sounds intresting...and awesome :o

Email address pleeaase :)

Im up for it :D

Yay, so 6 down at least 15 to go? Keep spreading the word guys! Lets make this happen!!

I'm down for this :)

Email address pleeaase:)


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