Is anyone here a fan of poetry? I know I am, and I think that it'd be really cool to talk about/write some poetry with other poets. Most of my poetry is metaphorical, and only I can interpret it. I think it'd be interesting to get feedback about my work. If enough people reply, we can try to agree on a topic, and then write a poem about it. It doesn't have to rhyme, and can be from any point of view. Kind of like the blurbing book club, but with poetry, and with no limit as to size or configuration. If anyone's interested, reply, and we can try to agree on a topic.

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wow, that's really beautiful
that was pretty good
*sticato = Staccato.

Sorry...It was really bothering me.
This looks neat, I want to join in the next round.
cool. I'd like to practice writing my poetry. I don't do a lot of it, but writing is cool and I could stand to improve.
That was a pretty good one. I was surprised by how well it fit the format. Any suggestions for new topics? Due to past experience, the first suggestion is the one we write about. Write your suggestion and the first verse, and away we go!
Let's do a silly poem dealing with Nerdfighter themes!
Sometimes I write lines and decide they are experiments with super-short poems. Kind of like that really short short story like Hemingway supposedly did ("For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn."). Here's one:

Out beyond the moon.

Actually, I just really like that phrase.
How about we do this one in hardcore shakespearian? Maybe it's just me. Tell me if you agree. I rhymed without meaning to. This is totally a gathering of poets.
Dude. Unconscious first line. We've got a poem! I'm not sure what it's about, but we've got one!

I'd be a poet if I could write poetry
I don't know rhyme or stanza structure

Go crazy poets.
Some of us poets
Don't even know it
When we're writing poetry
And the rhythms flying free
And the muses get to me
It's not so hard once you get in the flow
In the know
Like Edgar Poe
Just let it come
from deep within
deep deep within
reach down
to your soul bound
we travel a hopeless trek
Like in Shrek
but without the ogres and the mire
Without fighting with fire
Just move with the words
Let them move you
Write your poems
Scatter your story across the page
As if you were a mage
And words were your magic
It doesn't have to be tragic
Or happy, or sad
Or melodramatic
Just the innocent ramblings of
A poet.
Who just didn't even know it.

(I think that's actually not that bad, considering I made it up as I went along =P)
Um, Bump? Because I worked hard on that poem ^_^


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