Calling assistance from Nerdfighteria: Threadless design based on AVPM from a Nerdfighter!~


Hello, fellow Nerdfighters!

Well, I need to ask a favor of Nerdfighteria - my friend, a fellow Nerdfighter, designed a t-shirt for Threadless and it's in the top and still needs voting (until Sunday, I believe)


The shirt is based on a line from a A Very Potter Musical and it's made of awesome and epic win, just like her, so I wanted to help her out - many of us know and love Threadless - and all you have to do is follow the link above and rate the t-shirt a "5" and then share it on Twitter, Facebook, re-blog it from the tumblr:  http://greatbritishcheese.​​/people-of-tu... and ask your friends to do the same!


Sage is awesometastic and the t-shirt is amazing, so help her out, Nerdfighteria :3 Thanks in advance!~ I really hope to see this t-shirt printed ^_^

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I find it hard to believe no one's commented yet

*does Screen Saver dance*
Yes, one cannot JUST have a happy dance, you know ^_^

Duly noted ^_^
I rated it. Because AVPM is one of the best things ever (Malfoy <3).
Thanks :3
Yay!~ Okay, so we've got a bit more's it looking?


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