There's no rush on it, but this lady at my office asked me if I could draw her a two-headed flying dragon (must have wings, both heads must be the same) - in a realistic (she meant not-cartoony) style... for a tattoo that she will be getting on her ribs!! (It doesn't have to be extremely detailed, the tattoo artist can decide how many scales, etc...)

She asked me because I'm known as the artist around the office (I drew a graphite portrait of Eliza Dushku and several wedding cake designs...) BUT I DON'T DRAW DRAGONS! They're HARD to draw for me!

Anyone willing to give it a shot? I will totes give you all the credit. It would very much help to decrease world suck, as I feel like I am making the world suck by not producing this wonderous image for my coworker.

Also if you just happen to know of some already drawn pics of this feel free to link.


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I second that.

Jessica Peffer's book will teach you how to draw a dragon. Her dragons are amazing!


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