I think the british and canadian nerdfighters should demand that John be punished for misleading them in the halloween truth or fail as smarties here are pellets of sugar that aren't quite as good as pez, while over and up there smarties are candy coated chocolates. personally, I think it's been to long since we've seen punishments. he should snort ground up american smarties, spend the winter in british columbia, or something.

what do you think?

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Drive to British COLUMBIA to snort Rockets(Canadian Smarties).
haha yes he should spend winter in British Columbia!! More specifically, Kamloops!! =D
Punishment would be winter in Winnipeg.
For some reason the other day in spainish, I snorted smaries... I'm not sure why. It's not so bad.... Winter in my home town would also drive a relativly sane man crazy. And since were all crazy Herr I guess it doesn't matter.


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