Has anyone else heard of these books? The first in the series is called The Knife of Never Letting Go. I just recently finished the third book (Monsters of Men) and I'm dying to discuss it. However, I can't find a thread anywhere online, so I feel kinda alone in my love. Haha, so if anyone has read these books, PLEASE say something. :{)

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I feel a little sad that no one else has responded to this as yet. I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Chaos Walking trilogy. I was absolutely blown away with The Knife of Never Letting Go, then more so with The Ask and the Answer and by the time I got to Monsters of Men I was so excited and worried and anxious about what would happen that my heart was beating wildly and I actually had to put the book down because I was too worried. I really adore this series and I recommend it to everyone.
I read the first two a long while ago but couldn't find the third one...

This reminded me of it and I found it, so thank you very much!

I loved the first two books and I'm hoping the last one will be as awesome as them... Or even better, if that is even possible.
Oh, I worship Patrick Ness like you would not believe.

The plot was excellent and the themes were deep. Just wondering, the whole “I am the circle and the circle is me” – a reflection on the Spackles’ mentality? In other words, the way in which the Spackle view themselves as part of a whole. Just wondering what you thought of that phrase, since it’s been bugging me since TKONLG.

My first post, and it's dedicated to The Chaos Walking Trilogy, I won't have it any other way.
I love the Chaos Walking Trilogy.
Probably one of my favourite trilogy's of sometime.
And I've read a LOT of books. xD
Woah, they are awesome though. The whole thing about circle mentality @Anodyne, I suppose, yeah, I can see it like that! Some connotations to with circles:
*They are complete, held in, nothing escaping.
So yeah, I'd say that while it's a reflection on Spackle mentality, I think there are some other connotations along with that. When Todd is saying it, it is always at moments he doesn't want his emotions to spill out, always when he wants to keep them in and not let them show. He uses it when he wants to restrict them, to keep them inside this mental circle in his head. He doesn't want them to escape at this point, he doesn't want anyone to know they exist.
Also, what do you make of the phrase at the beginning: "12344321, if one of us falls, we all fall." That idea changes throughout the entire book doesn't it? Or does it? The Mayor goes from the idea of having other people to connect him to becoming solitary. Which way do you think Ness argues is best?

This is my second post, I love coincidences! And yes, I wouldn't have it any other way either. Kind of which this had been my first post...XD Oh stupid sentimentality...
yay! I haven't been on here for so long, I almost forgot about this thread. Doesn't it just make you sick that a series like twilight can hit it big, but poor little Todd can't? lol. I've been trying to get my friends to read these books for months, but nobody seems to have interest. Such a shame. :[

I cried myself to sleep after the the third one.


lol, "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD" pretty much sums up the last few chapters.
Chaos Walking is an absolutely fantstic series, I read Knife of never letting go a few months after it came out and was hooked; it was a concept like nothing I'd ever read before, Ness's characterisation is brilliant, and the plot just never stops turning and twisting!

I read all of the trilogy. I spent most of it in tears. 

When Manchee is captured. 

When Viola is branded with that arm band thing. 

When Todd starts being brainwashed by Mayor. 

When Todd gets shot. 

Gah!! it was so good but it made me so sad.


The Chaos Walking trilogy is my favourite book series!

Todd's an amazing main character, and I love all the other characters as well. And the story's just brilliant. 
I love Patrick Ness's style of writing :D  

I love those books ^^ I haven't read that prequel book about viola yet tho! I too have been looking for threads or fan sites, it surprised menthat there was none! I thought it was a best seller! 


I feel an attachment to these books like the Spackle feel an attachment to their general community.

If I was tortured underwater like Viola for reading them I would hold my breath and read Monsters of Men underwater.

I am stuck in the middle of loving and being stunned by these books like Patrick Ness is in the middle of an English and American accent.



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