We all know those couples. I mean the fictional ones, who for some reason never got together- either the author was stupid, or their gender preferences were off, or something.

A couple of my personal ones:
Laurie and Jo- come on, seriously! (Little Women)
Carmen Sandiego and Waldo- their kid would be, like, invisible. (Where's Waldo and Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego?)

Anyone else have some?

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Lol, I just talked about this on the fictional romance thread, so here goes. Arthur and Gatty from the Arthur trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland.

Whew... gaaahh. Tired.
Luna and every other character in Harry Potter. Except the old people.
She is just too cool for words.
They could have totally made a cloning machine. Or spell. Or something.
I know what you mean. I was re reading book 5 and I realized Luna could have totally fell in love with Ron! :) And Neville. And Dean.
I really wanted Luna and Dean to get together after Deathly Hallows.We don't know anything about this Rolf guy, really.
God, I ship Neville/ Luna so hard. I was super disappointed when I heard she got together with a character I've never heard of. Laaaame.
Me too :(
Who did she get with? Personally I wanted her to be with Harry - there were so many moments when she said just the right thing to make him feel better. Although I would have liked her to be with Neville as well. Conundrum. I think polygamy is the only option for her.
It's been a while since I read the books, but as I recal I was somewhat shocked at the idea of Harry and Ginny becoming a couple. As the story progressed I became more comfortable with it and I probably even had a mild crush on her myself at some point. Is that wierd? To crush on a fictional character? I'm gonna say yeah, but I'm deffinitely not the only person. I'd prolly say at least half of the girls reading this have some kind of crush on the blood sucking "Edward", but that may just be from the movies.
But I digress.
Harry and Ginny ended up being a great match, and althogh I strongly argued against my cousin's hopes and suspicions towards the future courtship of Ron and Hermione as portrade in the films, I will admit that I was delightfully suprized when their lips met. I don't recal, but did Neville ever end up with anyone in the end? I'm pretty sure he became the herbology teacher if I'm not mistaken.
Neville did become the herbology teacher, but I think Rowling said in an interview that Neville ended up with Hannah Abbott. I was quite disappointed with that, I was hoping he and Luna would end up together.
I agree with you completely :)


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