Charity Nerdfighter Shirt on TeeFury! 11th of October! Info Below.

Hey Everyone!

Just letting everyone know that there is going to be a Nerdfighteria T Shirt on the Tee-A-Day shirt TeeFury for one day only: the 11th of October!

For every shirt sold, a Dollar will be donated and divided between two charities, one being a teen cancer research charity, and the other being Partners in Health, a charity recommended by John Green.

Also all that week I will be selling matching posters on my Etsy store! Again, all proceeds going to our chosen charities.

If you want more info, please visit my blog or follow me on twitter @ameba2k 

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think and if you are going to get one :D


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Mine just arrived, am wearing it right now :D
Got mine a few days ago its so awesome! AND i just saw another girl wearing one and i wanted to be like "AHHH NERDFIGHTER!" but im to shy so i just smiled and walked by...LOL but at least i know im not the only nerdfighter at my university lol


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