Hi everyone!

I'm sure we all know what YouTube is. Well, there are four fairly well-known YouTuber's Alex, Charlie, Jimmy and Johnny who have made a band called ChartJackers. The idea was to make a #1 hit song in 10 weeks to kick off some sort of charity week in the UK. Each week they've asked their Internet followers to help them in some way with the song.

We commented on the first video with our cheesy love song lyrics. Writers of YouTube then chose a handful of comments and wrote a song from it. Musicians of YouTube then put song to lyric. A band was formed from audition tapes sent in to ChartJackers or YouTube. We've e-mailed the boys our artwork for the single's "album" cover. We've sent in clips of us clapping and singing to the chorus to be used in the actual song and music video. We've sent in literal interpretations of the lyrics for the music video. Soon we're going to be styling the band and doing whatever else the guys need help with.

In two weeks they will be releasing the song and the music video. PLEASE go buy the song, released only on iTunes. And send the video to your friends (at the end of the music video, there will be a short clip saying to buy the song). If you don't live in the UK, it won't help them get a #1, but you still need to buy the song because the money made still goes to charity. It's a really brilliant idea and it's been so much fun to be a part of.

I've actually just heard the song, the guys just played it on BlogTV. It's very catchy and adorable. I'm so proud of everyone who's helping with this project. It's going well so far!

PLEASE buy the song in TWO WEEKS. And for any additional information check out Nerimon, Charlieissocoollike, JohnnyDurham19, Jimmy0010 or BBCSwitch at YouTube.

PS- I can't believe no one's mentioned this on here yet.

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I should have recorded the first 20 secs when it was on radio...
haha It was only 22 seconds though, so no big.

Were you on BlogTV when they played the whole thing?

I don't think you should have told me that.
Sorry, love.
It'll be out in two weeks. So not much more to wait. It's really good. The audio quality on BlogTV is never amazing, but the song still sounds great. I can't wait to hear it like... in all its glory!
Same here.
I've been telling all of my friends about it trying to get them as hyped up as I am. :)
The song was awesome :P
Yeah, they did a really good job reaching their goal of cheesy 90s pop song. It's been stuck in my head since I heard the finished product.
I was going to post a thread about this at some point but you beat me to it (because I'm lazy). I am really excited for the song to come out, they've done such a good job.
Can't wait 'till the song comes out :)
OMG Chartjackers is amazing! I love the song I've Got Nothing!
the song was MUCH better than i thought it would be


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