Hello fellow nerdfighters ^^.

I'm sure most of you know what Chartjackers is, if you don't go to this link:

I bought the song already but since I'm not from the UK it doesn't make a difference in the charts. So I'm asking all of you UK nerdfighters out there if you would consider buying the song off of iTunes, and help them jack the charts and raise some money for children in need!


P.S. Here's the link to the epic music video:

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I bought it too, but I'm not in the UK either.
I bought it! and i emailed my local radio station to play it :D
Well done! I urge more of you to do so!
Awesome! :D
I've gone a little hard core on this one, I bought it 10 times. (I am in the UK so it counts)
I brought it, but I'm not in the UK either.
I want to buy it, but My university doesn't allow itunes to work :(


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