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Ya that was my first reaction.
Sad :[
Well, in about ten years she'll just fall in with the furry fandom and everything will be ok.
LOL I thought about making that joke but I thought it would be in bad taste. If she goes to a fur con she will be invited to SO many room parties and don't forget about the otaku they like cat girls too.
o.o Mmmm....kay.
It's a strange thing when someone's best chance at living a normal life is to become a furry.
She would have more then a normal life she would be a furry super star people would be asking for her autograph and everything.
That picture looks suspicious...
holy shit...for real?
It's sad that nobody will play with her.

That's it, I am declaring it now, I hate discriminatory children. >8¬C
Children are the most cruel, judgmental people in the world. They aren't accepting until they get older and because they're so open about how they feel they could ruin someone's life and never realize it... sad but true...
I'm afraid I refuse to believe that humans are inherently evil. I hope that this is not denial. *sobs*


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