Hey Guys, skylar here!!!

Trying to start an amazing Nerdfighter Christmas Gathering. Anyone Interested??? Honestly going to be the best day of your lives (within reason of course). Busking, Randomness, Sharing the Nerd Love ;) the usual stuff (or quite unusual depending who you are) =]. So if your interested just mail me or comment, any suggestions would be great.


Trying to get official Nerdfighter Tee Shirts organised too! :) Really want to try us all wearing Random costumes at some point in the gathering, it'd be funny but you wouldn't have to wear them all day don't worry!

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I'm so sorry, but I can't go after all. My sister was the only person who could bring me tomorrow, and now she has to work.


Sorry again. Hopefully I'll be able to go next time.

Ok is ANYONE still coming? Cos I don't want to be standing there like an idiot :)

Ok there's not much point in doing this if only 1 or 2 people show up, so I'm gonna pull the plug on it, ok?


We'll do another one, maybe...when's the next break?

i say the problem is your doing it before xmas when people are short on cash

Hmm maybe, think we should reschedule for after xmas?


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