Who is your godly parent? Which cabin are you in?

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i have no idea, but if you'll help me figure out who that'd be great.

im kinda brave, some people may see its stupidity, im curious, sarcastic, generally a good guy and hurting people is the last thing i'd ever want to do

How about Ares? He is the God of courage. 

He's also the god of war and violence, so maybe not, but I do see where you're coming from, as Ares is sarcastic and courageous. Maybe  you the son of one of the gods of healing? Possibly Asclepius, son of Apollo.

I agree with you. Ares represented the cruel side of war, too. His kids would never pass up the opportunity to hurt someone.

If you have a distaste for violence, perhaps one of the more peaceful gods is your parent. Such as Aphrodite or pan, or one of the minor gods?

May I request help?

I'm quite good at music, and I love it very much. I'm not a good fighter, I've never even tried archery or fencing or anything of the such. I wouldn't describe myself as beautiful, but I feel I'm attractive enough (wow, anyway I've tried to write that it sounds quite conceded.) I'm a pacifist, but I'm quite mean sometimes if I'm grumpy. I'm not athletic at all, I love literature and movies. I've been described as extremely intelligent, but I don't believe it to be so. Especially since I've made some stupid decisions in the past. I'm clumsy and silly and small. 

Thanks guys! ^_^

Well, if you haven't ever tried archery, it's very possible that you could be a natural at it. You could well be in the apollo cabin.

It doesn't sound conceited, by the way. Don't worry. If you had said "I'm soooooooo beautiful!" that would have been. And you'd have gone straight into aphrodite's cabin. But you didnt, so you're good. ;)

If you love literature, you could be Mormus's kid. Ya never know. :)

I'm sure there's other gods that could be your parent, but these 2 seem most likely.

Ryan, you could be son of Mnemosyne (goddess of writing and memory)

That could be good, yeah. I mean, as I said before, I don't think I'm very good at writing, but that feels a little more suitable.
Then again, I'm not too great with memory either. In fact, im very forgetful.

I've always loved the skill and grace it took to be an archer, so maybe. 

I'm also thinking Hebe, the goddess of youth and forgiveness. She was also the cupbearer for the Olympians. I believe myself to be very forgiving, and I love helping others as she helped the Olympians. I don't know if she would ever have children with a mortal, though.

I feel the same. That's why I tried. I'm an archer in skyrim, but IRL I suck at archery.

I'm an archer in Skyrim, too. Well, I was. I stopped playing a while back because I lost touch with my only friend that had the game. :/ 

Aw. What a tragic loss. :/


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