Who is your godly parent? Which cabin are you in?

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Well, I am similar to any other minor demigod, but I have a greater appreciation for humour. Humour is to me, what plantlife is to a Demeter child, or what a finely crafted weapon is to a hepheastus camper. I enjoy laughter, it makes me physically stronger when something funny happens. This is more helpful in games, or practice, than in real life-threatening situations, but it can help sometimes. I can make others laugh, simply by being funny. It's a skill anyone can learn, but it comes more naturally to me. To quote a fantastic motto, "wit beyond measure is a mans greatest treasure", and this is most apparent in Gelos children.

As a regular person, not a demigod, I am fairly good at strategy and coming up with ideas, which is why many would expect me to be athena's child, but surprise-surprise! ;)

I think you should be able it put people in a state of happiness, where they don't process anything around them, like they are super high.

i dont.


no offence, but i think that is a ridiculous idea that would not be anything but horrible for everyone, including my character. that would make me more powerful than almost anyone else, and would also mean that i'd have campers either hate me or treat me like a freaking drug dealer.

Hahahaha. The image that popped into my head was hilarious. "Some happiness please! PLEASE! I NEED IT. I CAN'T GO ANOTHER DAY. I'LL GIVE YOU ANYTHING"


Yeah it is kinda stupid. Just an idea, but a bad one.

yeah, i dont think that couldve worked at all.

You have some pretty cool abilities then :) I guess you'd be one of the guys going through the ranks before a battle making people laugh to calm their nerves :D

id certainly try my best ;)

Sounds definite then, you are a son of Gelos :)

Yay!!! :D
Is the G in Gelos a J sound?
Or is it like Hard G?


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