Who is your godly parent? Which cabin are you in?

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I think I am probably the son of Morpheus, for I can control pe- *glowing symbol of a skull pops up*. Oh man! Wait, I am the son of Hades? Oh, yes! Going to my cabin with Nico!

Wait that isn't a skull, that is... My gods! I'm son of Hecate!

Artemis. i just saw this group in the side bar and was literally saddened by its lack of members. what can we do to solve this problem?

Well, I just started it 2 nights ago so...

You can invite your friends. I don't mean to be a troll, but Artemis will forever be a virgin. She never wanted to be with a man. It is impossible to be her daughter. You can join the Hunters of Artemis, but can't be her daughter.

In the books weren't her kids born of thought? Or am I thinking of a different Goddess?

That is Athena.

Ah right! I wasn't sure :)

ya ik. your not being a troll.(ps i have like no friends who are nerdfighters) and i more than likely wouldnt. join the hunters, i just wouldnt want to be theoffspring of anyone else.

More than likely I'd end up in Hephaestus' cabin, I think.

We need people in the Hephaestus Cabin. Think up some weapons.

Will do.:D



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