Hullo fellow Nerdfighters!

I asked you all for some help before with a survey for school and you did not disappoint. This time I'm working a controversial topic (somewhat) and so it might be superfun for y'all to take part in my (quick) study found here:

I need some excellent view points which I know y'all have. And I listened to you all, now including self-identify options in agnostic and atheist.

Leave any feedback and please RT, FB, fwd the study to anyone else interested. I need a multitude of views

Comments here or through the survey would help for my final paper too. Thanks!


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Question - Mightant you want to expand it to people residing outside the US? Or is there a specific reason why it is a US centric study?

I want to relate the outcomes to Muslim-Christian relations within the US. Yes indeed it would be mighty interesting to get opinions from peeps outside US, esp living in the lands the Crusades took place. But that would be a massive study and as I am in the US, possible hard to get respondents. Thanks for your input though! Maybe one day.

"But that would be a massive study and as I am in the US, possible hard to get respondents."

I'm from outside the US. The internet is international. I'm British, so not where the Crusades took place, but certainly one of the crusading countries.

True good points.  But still trying to limit the scope of my study in order to keep a focus and be able to have clear limits for my methods section.  If you want you can do the study and just put any state. 

It would be easy to get english speaking ppl intl but not so for non-English speaking people

Ok, I added options for outside of the US, I can always isolate the data later if need be. Plus I would love your feedback! (if u didn't already take it) thanks!


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