Crack the riddle... I will check regularly and everytime someone gets the riddle correct.. i will edit this post with a new one...

It's that simple... or is it?

Here is the first riddle... It isn't a question... It just has a pattern to make another phrase...

Current Riddle:

Frankenstein, into, rectangle, extremely, bath, abstract, lulaby, lick, Wolfgang, island, lamb, song, orange, noon, Reginald, orange, bubbles, enticing, rabbit, today, sorry

There ya go... Hav fun!!!


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how the hell did you do that... damn.. I'm cancelling my subscription to "People Who Make Riddles Quarterly"
Fireball Wilson Roberts is the extended name of John's dog, Willy.
Fire ball Wilson Roberts
Willy, otherwise known as Bubbles the Nerdfighting Puppy (or BTNP), is the only known form of highly concentrated awesomeness, mixed with cuteness, extreme adorability and white fur.


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