"This year, a group of ordinary nerdfighters have come together to raise money and awareness for the This Star Won't Go Out Foundation by recording a cover album of the awesome artists at DFTBA records.

Esther Earl is a brave teenager who tragically lost her battle with cancer earlier this year. Her family have put together an organisation to help people battling with cancer, called This Star Wont Go Out.


Our Project For Awesome video goes out to Esther, and the organisation so determined to decrease World Suck.


Esther, D F T B A."


Make a video of yourself saying this entire script, and email it to Please do this in the next 32 hours.


DFTBA guys.

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We emailed ours to you :) 

Thank you :)

My video is rending as I type

email sent

I shall do this later when I get home from college!! ^__^

Oh wow. just saw this. I shall get on that ASAP!

Is ca 24 hours before p4a starts too late to send our video? Amalia's gonna be reaaally busy this week.

Hey, I've only just seen this, and got up to date with the whole project, so I'll do this asap and hopefully get it to you by tomorrow. If thats okay? :)

Maybe someone else could edit it! Because in 24 hours I go on holiday to a place with a terrible computer.

Never mind :) Im getting a new one today.

I just realised that I probably should have posted this here instead of in the other discussion:

I just uploaded this as unlisted on my channel because I am not sure how to email the file, *fingers crossed* the black box should dissapear but sorry in advance if it doesn't

Great script. I'm not so sure I can say the last part - I'm one of those emotional people - but it's a good ending.


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