Hey Nerdfighters i would love to start a collab channel with 4 other nerdfighters anyone want to join?

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out of your favorites i like DontForgetToBeNerdy

and ComposedOfAwesome

Ok. So now it's down to two.

Now we just need Kate to take a look and agree on it.

Also we should start thinking about the profile pic and background if you guys want one.
SORRY IVE BEEN DEAD FO THELAST WEEK!  I had flu or somthing evil and not awesome which made me feal yucky :( BUT im all better now. Composed of awesme is my favorut one, but I honestly dont care which one because there both cool :)

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well  :(

Glad your better though!

I'm glad you're better :) ok so i've set up the account is Composed of Awesome, we can still change it but it seemed to be something everyone was happy about and i didn't want it to go.

I went for because i had to put an e-mail.

The passwords are 5nerdynerds.

I don't mind if we change it, just wanted to get it set up :)


Well we should probably change the password. Mainly because anyone can see this thread and it's right there.
fair point, changed, its what the old one was.
I'm relatively dim from time to time :P
Could you email it to us?
ok, so should we start next week?


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