Hey nerdfighters! :)

Looking for some people to start a collab channel with. Monday to Friday. 5 people, preferable fairly commited :).  If there are any older (aka over 16) nerdfighters out there that want to join a project like this that would be great! I'd love to get to know some overseas/international nerdfighters as well. 

me: I'm a 22 year old university student who lives in a small town in BC Canada. 
loves: harry potter, science, dr who, living on the west coast, being in school <3

I'd love to get to know some of you!


we are still in need of a thursday/friday! anyone interested??

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I'm a Nerdfighter on a collab channel of people with various ages... and we need a Monday.

My channel is here:

My most recent faves are pretty much all my own videos from theytrefugees and a hint of The Guild. I love Harry Potter, Steampunk, random geekery, halloween... and the call center I work at.

I'm Tuesday on the collab channel here:

Wednesday is Travis Bierwagen:

Thursday is the incomparable (non-nerdfighter but fantastic) Reid Baer:

And Friday is Miss Lulu Vetter:

Also, if you're looking to try out being on a collab channel, we're always looking for guests.
Hi, Nicole! :)

I'm also looking for a collab, and if you're still looking, I'm available.

me: Caity, 18, university student from the southern US. (I'm not the kind of American Southern you read about, I promise.)
Loves: harry potter, the internet, youtube musicans, books, education <3

you can look me up on youtube if you want--I'm realy just getting started on it.
Interested in the Thursday spot? You should claim it, really. I just watched your videos and I think you've got a lot of potential and it would be awesome to have you as a fellow participant ;)
I second that!
Okay, jumping on this band wagon. Caity, come vlog with us it will be awesome!
Hey, I'm interested in joining. I have some videos on youtube but I haven't really been doing anything lately because my old videos are from when I was 17/18 and I haven't been able to really come up with a theme for what I want to do so joining a collab would be perfect.

I'm 21 now, live in small town, Northern Illinois and go to a small college. I also work at a grocery store, yay!
Loves: Spiderwoman (and various other Marvel Universe heroes), Kurt Vonnegut, Christopher Moore, webcomics, various other nerdy things. I like politics as well but if the channel is to remain unbias or just unpolitical, I'm fine with that.

If I only have to do a video a week, I should be pretty good about uploading. I only have the built-in macbook webcam though...hope that's fine
are you still interested? we are looking for a thursday :)
Hello there!
I'm interesting in getting involved with a collab channel as well! I'm a young'un compared to the rest of you at almost 17, but if that's alright with you I'd love to be part of this. My youtube channel is I have made one (not so great) vlog...
Um... I also love Harry Potter, Doctor Who books and writing in general. I live in a town north of Boston.
I don't have too much experience editing, though I'm sure I will get better, and my camera is a built-in webcam of questionable quality, but hopefully I'll get a camera this Christmas that will let me take better videos, we'll see.

Like others, I'm in a collab channel.. I do the Friday's there (where?
I'm 19, from the Netherlands, atm not studying but I hope that'll change in September.
Love HP too and am even a bigger lover of Dr Who (Eleven is my doctor)
Have a look at my vids if you'd like (I'm still trying to get better at them, but that's cool because making progress is fun)
If you'd have me, I'd like to do an early weekday like Monday or Tuesday.
Looking forward to your reply (:
I'd like Friday if I can!
hey guys! sorry i've been mia for the past little while. School got crazy and I zoned out of the internet for a while. :)
I'm still up for doing it. My preference out of the days left is wednesday!

monday - james
tuesday - marc
wednesday - me!
thursday - ?
friday - emily

how is that working for everyone. anyone want the thrusday spot?
I like Nerdmash ;)

Tuesdays, yay (:


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