I am looking for people to start a collab channel with.

I am a highschool junior and am looking for other high schoolers to vlog with and make random videos. I am kind of new at making videos but practice makes perfect. I love Harry Potter and Doctor Who. I also love books and movies. But variety is good!

There are really no particulars and the project will vary on the amount of people/type of people who get involved.

Best wishes!

p.s. My youtube channel is    (I've gotten a much better camera since I made these videos)

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I suppose I'd be up for that. Also a high school junior. I have a nice webcam, but I've never vlogged before, and I don't know if I could be real serious vlogger because of school work. But sure. I'd try.
I should probably add that I've never seen any Doctor Who, I like Harry Potter, the Beatles, and I'm a computer nerd (coder, web developer, hacker) and I play guitar and saxophone, etc etc. I'd probably be a more serious-topic vlogger.

Yeh I understand being busy with school but if you could manage one video a week, does that seem reasonable? 

And you don't necessarily have to be interested in all the same things.

What kind of collab would you want to do?

One a week is reasonable.
Like a fixed weekday thing? I guess I don't really care. I'm just stretching my vlogging legs, after all... :P
Yeah, I was thinking that every week we have the same day.
Sounds good! Send me a PM or whatever for further details.
I'm a high school senior. I've tried vlogging before, but always lose motivation to keep going; I think a supportive collab could remedy that. I'm also a huge Doctor Who fan and I am the president of my school's FIRST Robotics Team. I also do a ton of other stuff in my school and around my town, and I think a collab could be interesting. Thanks!

That sounds awesome!

What kind of collab would you want to do? 

The one day per week format that Mitchell implied sounds good for me, too. 

And I'm not sure what we would want to do so far as content, but we can figure that out as we go. :)

That sounds awesome and perfect for the group!
hey^^ what if you live in Denmark?

Hi! I'm Ana, I have physics w/ Kori and she told me about this. I have a decent camera and am a junior in high school.

my youtube name is tubadame. Kori said that you guys didn't have anyone for thursdays and I've been interested in vlogging for a while. I like doctor who, though I will be the first to admit, I didn't see DH part 1, yet. Also, I recently switch to tubadame, so no new videos quite yet. My old account is savethecheerleader2, and there's some sort-ish videos. Mostly crappy fan music videos and a long forgotten short movie thingy I never finished the music for.


I'd love to vlog. Have a great day. DFTBA.




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