I'm looking for someone(s) to be in a collab channel with me. I'm looking to start this at the beginning of March, just so there is time to plan ^.^ Just answer these questions if you are interested.



3)What day you prefer.


5)email (optional)

6)Country you come from

7)Camera you would used/editing software


So my answers are....


2)15 (16 on tuesday)

3)Tuesday or thursday

4)Harry Potter and Doctor Who. I'm not crazy about mornings.

5) I can be reached at

6)Canada FTW!

7)Webcam/ I don't know how to edit ergo I don't expect you too... :D

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I used to be in a collab channel, but it ended months ago, and I think it would be really fun to start a new one.


1. Haley

2. 18

3. I work two or three days a week, but it's different each week.  It would be hard to get videos up on days I work, so Friday would be nice since I don't have to worry about school the next day.  I'd be willing to take another day though.

4. Lke: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, reading, writing, Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Dislikes: I'm not too fond of mornings either.  It's actually harder to think of things I dislike...  How about Jershey Shore and people who claim to be in love after dating for less than a week?


6. United States

7. Flipcam and Windows Movie Maker (I hope to get better editing software at some point in time.


Also,  my Youtube channel's here if you're interested.

Hey! I would love to get into being in a collab again. The one I was in before ended.

1) Tasha

2) 18

3) Any day really but like Wednesday the best.

4) Likes: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who. Dislikes: Rude/ mean people...

5) My email is I have skype and facebook too if you want them as well just ask.

6) United states (New York)

7) Flip cam. / web cam and the flip editing thingy and windows movie maker 

If you need any other info you can message or email me.

Oh man! I've been trying to find a collab channel for like, 44546456 years now! I'd so love to join!

1) Summer

2) 16 (17 in June, yeah!)

3) Friday or Saturday would probably work the best!

4) Anything to do with art basically, HP, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, and other such awesome stuff like that. For some odd reason I really like psychology too. I don't know what it is, it just interests me. Mornings suck, as well as frozen computers. >:(

5) I can be reached anywhere, YouTube (, Facebook (Summer Alexander), e-mail ( or Twitter (summerisawkward)... I like the internet. A lot.

6) Canada, woo hoo! B.C. to be exact.

7) I have a Canon Rebel T2i and I use Windows Live Movie Maker.

That's about it I suppose.


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