I posted this in Your Pants, and on Tumblr, but so far haven’t gotten any responses. So I figured I’d try here as well.

I’m looking to start my first active Youtube channel – a collab channel! Specifically geared towards die-hard Whovians, as the entire channel is themed around Doctor Who.

A bit about me:
My name is Lindsay. I’m twenty years old, reside in Northeastern Pennsylvania and obviously, I’m a crazy Who (and Torchwood) fan. Aside from that, I’m a die-hard Buffy fan, a Potter head and have a giant love for Star Trek, faeries, animals, books and may be a tad obsessed with Hugh Laurie. I’m an activist, extremely active in feminism, human and animal rights.

This collab channel will involve five people (cliche, no?), one for each day from Monday to Friday. Video topics will vary from favorite Doctor Who episodes, bow tie discussions, episode discussions and can delve into the realm of theme weeks centered around books and things like that. It’ll be both helpful for new Who fans, and thought-provoking as we dissect episodes and discuss space and science. It’ll also be super fun (I hope) and great for making new friends in the fandom and get to know fellow Nerdfighters. Video experience is nice, but certainly not necessary. Everybody needs to start somewhere! I have no experience myself, but I’m armed with a camera and a love for Youtube and the Nerdfighter community, and that’s good enough for me. We’ll gain experience and improve along the way. (:

I don’t have too many requirements. Obviously, you should be able to make time to make and upload your video on your proper day, be mature enough to have real discussions, love Doctor Who enough to want to talk about it constantly (duh). I’d prefer 16+, but I’d certainly consider any age upon discussion. Also, English is preferred. as much as I wish I could speak other languages, I sadly cannot. ): Please, be open-minded, considerate and accepting (though I have good faith in the Nerdfighter community that this really isn’t even an issue).

Now tell me about you! If you’re interested in this collab, leave your name, age, where in the world you are, day you’re available and a silly fact about yourself (or not :3). Feel free to ask any questions. You can e-mail if you like –

Depending on what’s available and what everybody thinks, I’ve been considering one of these as the channel name: TheCompanions, FiveAwesomeCompanions, SuperCoolCompanions.

When we have all the slots filled, I’d like to get opening screens and music out of the way before we even dive in – just to make things a bit organized and purrdy. So feel free to send discuss ideas for those.

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:) Doctor Who Collab channel?  that would be awesome!!

Oh! I didn't even say which day or anything, I would like to be wednesday or friday, , I'm from Mexico and in september I'm moving to the UK to study my masters degree :)   btw is there an age limit?

Awesome! My name is Danielle, I'm 18, and from Holland! I'd prefer thursday or friday :) A silly fact about me is that I make really awkward (not funny) jokes when I'm nervous.

Im soooo down for a Doctor Who collab channel! My name is Wello, 20yrs Old. I can do either Monday or Tuesday. I  live in a little town called Woodstock, NB, Canada. I have no Video experience at all, but i'll do my best! Silly fact about me: I like to practice pterodactyl noises when im at work ... and Im addicted to making puns =P

Oh man, guys! Apparently I wasn't being emailed when people were commenting in this thread, so I totally didn't know anybody was even interested until I was browsing today! If ya'll are still into the idea, email me at and we can chit chat about it!

It might be a wee bit late but if this is still going ahead I would love to be part of it :) I'm Conner, I'm 17 and from the UK.
I have little video making experience but umm...I made someone laugh IRL this one time, is that good enough?


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