Hello, I have wanted to start a collab channel for a while now. I have never vlogged before but I am willing to try my hardest. I'm thirteen and I would prefer to have other teens on channel. If you are interested please leave me a comment with your age, a link to your youtube channel(if you have one) and what day of the week would be best for you. I think 5 people would be good so we can have mon. -fri.


My youtube channel is artemis602


Thank you :)

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hi, how about the fifthsense (idk)

Nevermind. I meant the fifthelement, and each of us can pick an element :)

I like the sound of 5vloggingteens and nerdkids, could we combine them? So it'd be like fivevloggingnerds or nerd teens or something like that?

I like 5vloggingnerds :) and I think fifthelement might be taken on youtube. But I like the idea of themes

and it appears that it is not taken already!

I'll start making the account now if you want, but do I use fivevloggingnerds or fifthelement?

Hmmmmm.... I don't know any is alright with me.

and neither do I! 

So i created the account under fivevloggingnerds and sent all of you the password. If nobody minds, we can start next week or after new year. I would prefer to start as soon as possible, but if you guys have plans for the holidays I don't mind waiting :)

and me

Great so we start next week! :)

yay! so for the first week will we just introduce ourselves and stuff like that?


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