Hello, I have wanted to start a collab channel for a while now. I have never vlogged before but I am willing to try my hardest. I'm thirteen and I would prefer to have other teens on channel. If you are interested please leave me a comment with your age, a link to your youtube channel(if you have one) and what day of the week would be best for you. I think 5 people would be good so we can have mon. -fri.


My youtube channel is artemis602


Thank you :)

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Basically :)  I'll write a description about the five of us and I'll put links to our original channels

If anyone else wants to be part of a collab channel, my friends and I are going to start one in January 2011. We're still missing Tuesday, and if we need one, Friday!

Not meaning to be rude but you've posted this onto afew peoples discussions where they are all ready to start on their callabs. if you see that they are sorted...just don't post yeah? coz then they lose people + it just messes the whole thing up. once again, not trying to sound rude. its just you did all that ^^ to me :/   

"If any one else wants to be part of a collab" I wrote that line specifying that if anyone came to this discussion only to find that it's already full, then my friends and I were still looking for someone. I had no intention on "taking anyone from your collab" and from what I gather, I didn't. Unless I missed one of their replies to my discussion, then I'm sorry, but we've got our Tuesday. I hope you don't think I was a spam bot, I took the time to type up each of my replies to discussions stating that if anyone else wanted to be part of a collab, then my collab still needed someone. I don't think you're being rude, you're just saying what's on your mind, and I respect that. Sorry if it bothered you. Have a lovely day :)


I would just like to say I will be a subscriber to your channel it sounds awesome!



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