Hey guys, I'm not entirely certain this is the proper place for this thread, if it isn't it can be dealt with however it needs to be and I apologise.

As of right now our group is completely full. The list of days and people is below. I tried my best to get everyone the day they'd like (if anyone is unhappy with it please let me know, I don't want people upset! D: )  

Monday - me
Tuesday - Christine
Wednesday - Kathleen
Thursday - Trixie
Friday - Liam
Saturday - Ariel
Sunday - Jon

Anyway, our channel needs a name. I've been playing around a bit ( is a useful site) which has helped with ideas. Here are a few:


Any ideas you have are welcome (and wanted). Also the name doesn't have to have 'collab' in it. It just happens that all mine do.

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I personally like CollabCafe, but if that were the case I think we should add a "cafe" theme to our videos to make it relevant (think Vlogramen).

Perhaps weekly visits to a local coffee house, or maybe just a quick mention of something to do with hot drinks.

Just an idea!

Perhaps VlogCafe? Or VlogLink (as in we are all linked by these vlogs)

Here are some I came up with:




Collabsorbers (someone pointed out it sounds a little like transformers so that's fun)

However, I like Collabcafe or VlogCafe with a cafe theme, it sounds cute c:

I think it would be especially interesting if we make it a theme to visit and blog in a different cafe every week... Or something along those lines! Or just share your newest fav drink...

I agree, either VlogCafe or CollabCafe would be really cute with the cafe theme.

Collabstract and Collabnormals are both fun as well. :D

I like Collabstract :D




If all else fails, it could just be a simple CollabVlogs.

We could even go overboard and call it VlogCollabCafe.

Or, if we want to drop the cafe theme, I also like ADayInTheLife a lot.

Collabstract has a vote from me!

I'm not sure bout the collabcafe.. cause I'm here in Spain right now and mostly it's those real coffee.. the strong ones.. And I don't drink that.. It's not really popular here with frapucinno's or what not. The popular stuff here are ice creams or gelatos. Collabstract is nice cause it's quite simple :) In our first blogs, are we going to have some common topic or question that we interpret differently? Or do we just blog randomly? Hmmmmmm..

In that case, I fully recommend Collabstract. I completely understand your coffee situation! I barely drink coffee myself, it was just an idea.

I think whatever we do on the channel should link us together. Sure, blog randomly but make sure you're addressing the other members. Talk about things relevant to each other. I'm not entirely sure about your guys' YouTube history, but I actively do videos on my own channel and I would like to be able to make the videos on these two channels relatively different.

I had the same thought as you - it's a cute idea but it might get difficult finding new cafes.

I like Collabstract if everyone else agrees. I also agree that we should be addressing each other during the videos - like the  vlogbrothers do. (:

I think it's a good idea to have topics for the week (we can discuss them beforehand somewhere?). The entire video doesn't need to be about the topic but it'd at least give something to go off if you don't have an idea for the week (and lead to some hopefully interesting discussions).

Collabstract is good for me :] Perhaps we could just have a cafe vlog theme for a week, if we felt like still including it without making it *just* cafe vlogs.

I agree that we should have a topic each week, so we have somewhere to start and I think it would give our channel more unity. Responding directly to each other would be fun as well.

It looks like we all agree on collabstract, except Jon but I'm not sure if he's on here (Liam? o: )

I think that'd be a pretty good idea as well if everyone agrees. And we can suggest topics as well for the future if we have an idea (maybe we can make a list that we can choose off if we don't have one for the week).

(Sorry this reply is kind of rushed I'm going to see a film soon)


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