Hey, my awesome brethren.

I know we all want to help the cause for DJ Railstone, but you guys aren't doing the best job in keeping her, well... real.

Everybody burst posted all these random "I LOVE DJ RAILSTONE" videos on Youtube, and it's rather disturbing the amount of effort put into them.

For one, the music varies more than it probably should, but I'm not one to judge that.
Second, (and this is an exact quote) "Move if u wanna Remix mixed by DJ Paige [ me ] this is my first remix ever" doesn't really help out too much with hiding the truth, if you will...

Start laying low on the Paige videos. A little feedback from Hank and John before posting a song wouldn't hurt too.


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We can't let the secret get out so soon...
Just thought I'd bump this up :)
i came into this whole DJ page railstone thing late because i was, for quite a whille, in somewhere with not internet
what is her website
can you tell me more about her
im kind of confused
Her "real" page:

She is made up from nerdighters. Originally created to fool 20Q, we are seeing how far we can fool the media into believing she is real. Photoshopped picture of her and whatnot.
No, it doesnt mean that. I'm just saying, youtube is beginning to worry me with this sudden outburst of Paige, let alone the poor effort.


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