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Here used to read that this thread is suitable for confessing things.  Whether it is something shameful, something you're secretly proud of, or both, here is where you may confess it.

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well, you could take a more active role in giving back. Join Habitat for Humanity and help build houses, volunteer as a dog walker at a local animal shelter, there's always and There are many ways to combat Suck, you just have to keep your eyes open.
When a relationship comes to a certain point where you get more comfortable around each other, I panic and feel trapped and invent reasons to pick a fight so I can break up with him. Which is completely fucked up but I can't help it :(
I can get over him, but I don't want to.

I know the feeling. It can suck a whole lot but no matter how amazing this boy is or was, there's life beyond him. It's really hard to understand that at first, I've been there, but you will get over him and you will live on, even happily, without him. I really hope you don't go through with killing yourself. While I hate to resort to cliches, there really are plenty of other fish in the sea.

This happened a long time ago, but I feel the need to say something anyway.


This is what my friend Kc said when I was sobbing over a break up.  (I felt almost exactly the way you did, only with added guilt because I was the one who ended it (I had to, I didn't want to))


I know right now it feels like you'll never be happy again, but you will feel better.  And you'll feel better much sooner than you think you will.  It will be horrible for a while - maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe even a year.  But someday, you'll wake up one morning and remember how you used to be.  And you'll start looking at new people, and thinking "Oh.  He/she's beautiful..."  And you'll fall in love again.  that's just the way the world works.


It is by far the best thing anyone has ever said to me while I was sad, and it's true.  I hope you've already hit that point where everything's alright again.

I can't seem to stop myself from hating people who are attracted to me that I'm not attracted to. I hate the awkwardness, and I always hate them for not just wanting my friendship. I hate them for wishing I was different. And I hate them for not being the people that I've been attracted to.
I totally hear ya. I loathe being around certain people even if they are nice. I mean, if I had pepper spray it might be a different story but ughhhh. And of course the guys who like me are obsessive and even creepier than usual. One guy even chased my car down a main road just to say hello to me. O_o
I'd hate that so much. DX I don't know what I'd do if some guy did that to me and my car (if I had a car). It's just these things that make you feel terrible, because people are nice, but people are creepy, and it's a bad feeling to be creeped on.
I can't take a guy seriously if he likes me. I mean there's obviously something wrong with the guy or he doesn't see the true me so he can't possibly like me.
I confess that Im going to get off my ass and try to get a job again. Though I must talk to mom about the possibility of moving.
I confess that I need to stop using him. I don't want sex (not with him anyway), he's just fragile. I want to hold him is all. To hold and be held.

I've already confessed something, but it's been months so I'm going to confess another thing. I spend most of my day on my laptop. as soon as I get home from school until I go to bed I'm on youtube, dailybooth, tumblr, facebook, nerdfighters... My mom says I have no life, but the truth is that my life is on the computer. I've made friends through dailybooth, good friends too. We're even starting a collab channel. I'd have to say I even trust my internet friends more so than my real friends (no I don't mean the people I've talked to a few times with on the internet, someone I actually have a friendship with). I just feel that making friends over the internet is so much easier and less awkward than in person. I'm always going to be that girl who's known as a nerd, who always reads and is addicted to her laptop, but whatever, that's just me. People need to get used to it.

Confession: I was taken out of school in 4th grade to be home schooled by my mother. I also haven't had a proper education since grade 4 and I am currently in grade 9. I've barely scraped the surface of multiplication. I would love to actually be able to go to school and learn because dang it, I love learning. But I cannot talk to my mother who is the only person who actually wants me to be home schooled anymore, and she doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with not providing an education for me in the first place because she thinks I can very easily catch up, even though she never helps me with anything.
Note: My dad is a terrible teacher, trust me, I've tried.
Note #2: My mother is very proud and asking to get a tutor apparently hurts her pride in some way. Learned that the hard way.

Confession: I may or may not be depressed, I don't really know and hate the fact that it's even possible. I'm almost always sad, and the only time I'm not sad is when I do something to distract myself from lack of schoolwork. I don't find a lot of enjoyment doing things I used to love to do and that... really sucks. But I know that if I were ever to admit this to my mother she would scoff and tell me I'm being ridiculous and that she's such a great parent that there's no way I could be depressed and that I'm just going through a mood swing and that it'll pass.

Confession: I absolutely love to cross dress but have absolutely no desire to actually become a guy. I just like wearing suits and walking guyishly (Not a word but I don't even care!) and sitting with my legs wide and being mistaken for a male. I like how if I try I can look like a dude and I'm very proud of that.

Confession- When I was a little girl I was afraid that on Sunday afternoons when i had to take a nap that Jesus would come back and take everyone to heaven but me so I started staying up and watching out my window for Jesus.

Confession-I also thought I could control the wind

Confession-I almost ran away from home when i was like 7 because my crazy grandmother and step- grandfather were driving me nuts... i wouldve done it to, but I couldnt get all my clothes into a little enough sheet to tie to a big stick and I thought that if you ran away from home, you had to do that... I saw it on Tom & Jerry so it had to be true right? Chuckle(:

yea.... I was kind of a disfunctional child.... :)


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