Hi guys

So....first of all: I'm sorry for my English. It is my third language so please ask if you don't understand my random gibberish.

I'm in Thailand with "Projects Abroad" doing a conservation project around Ao Nang and Klong Thom. The plan was to do debris dives at 3 days a week but my body won't let me dive deeper than 4 meters so I had to change my project.

Right now I'm working with an other volunteer and "APE" (Association for Protection of the Environment) and we try to establish a recycling station in Klong Thom.

The plan so far is that we built a kind of shed out of recyclable material on the ground of a local school. (Far away from the actual school though). This way the parents can bring their rubbish to the station every morning in which it will be seperated into different groups (metal, PET, paper, general rubbish, aso.).

We will keep the station clean so we don't need to be afraid of a bio hazzard or dangerous animals.

Normal junk collectors can buy the recyclable rubbish from the schools. This way the don't need to drive around the city as much and the school earns some extra money to buy new school supplies for the pupils.

Workshops for the kids are planed too. Topics will be: "What can you recycle? What are the consequenzes of pollution? What can I do to help?" aso.

Our problem now is:

1) We don't know how to built a shed out of recyclable matreial. We tought about plastic bottles filled with sand and than stacked together as walls and rubbish bags as a roof. Do you have any better ideas?

2) How much energy does it take to produce and to recycle a plastic bottle or a can? That would be nice to know because the other volunteer writes about this  project for his school and he needs some scientifical information for his basics.

3) What do you think about this projects? Are there any major flaws? Are there any better ways to do this?

I would like to see your ideas!

Your Max

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This is a wonderful idea!  Keep up the great work.  I've found that thingiverse is a good website for DIY projects, but it may be more geared towards people who are using 3d printers.  There were a few episodes of this UK based show called "Great Designs" (i think) where some eco friendly people built entire houses out of recyclables, including tires, glass bottles and so on.  Also, any website that deals with the principles of construction may be able to help,  speak to the physics teacher at your school, and team them up with the person who teaches construction, and put it all together and it sounds like it could be a fantastic cross-subject school project.  Eco sites (vegans in particular, vegetable growers, primitivists and techno hippies, can give you tips as well)

I love it! Keep us all updated!


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