It's a game. Bob and Sally will now show you how to play.

Bob: I wish I had a dog.
Sally: Granted, but it eats you. I wish I had a shirt.
Bob: Granted, but it's ugly.

Anyone who still doesn't know how to play can go jump in a lake to some other Ning because this one clearly PROHIBITS OVERWHELMING STUPIDITY is not for you.

Disclaimer: This is a pretty common forum game, so it might have been here before. No, I did not search the forum to find out if this is a repeat thread, so any trolls can feel free to tell me that it is and I'll take the discussion down. But, you know, *lazy*...

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Granted, but the cookie is made of ants.


I wish I could be a genius at something!

Granted, but the subject is on when Justin Beiber is going to grow facial hair

I wish I had coke Zero
Granted, but its made out of lego pieces

I wish my dog was toilet trained

Granted, but you have to call a plumber once a month.

I wish I was a princess

Granted, but your kingdom is taken of by revolution and your parents get killed along with your pet goldfish and now everyone hates you

I wish I had a hat
Granted, but the music has been specially made for dogs, therefore you cant hear it

I wish everyone ate leaves for breakfast

granted, but they're all written in a language you can't speak.


I wish I had infinite amounts of girl scout cookie thin mints.

Granted but they are laced with poison.

I wish i was at the zoo.

Granted, but you're in a cage and are the main attraction

I wish my cat could talk

Granted, but is curses like a sailor at you all the tome.


I wish I was a pirate

Granted, but most people only speak 1 of them.


I wish for a new camera.

Granted, but your long lost father slices off your hand

I wish my internet had infinite downloads


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