It's a game. Bob and Sally will now show you how to play.

Bob: I wish I had a dog.
Sally: Granted, but it eats you. I wish I had a shirt.
Bob: Granted, but it's ugly.

Anyone who still doesn't know how to play can go jump in a lake to some other Ning because this one clearly PROHIBITS OVERWHELMING STUPIDITY is not for you.

Disclaimer: This is a pretty common forum game, so it might have been here before. No, I did not search the forum to find out if this is a repeat thread, so any trolls can feel free to tell me that it is and I'll take the discussion down. But, you know, *lazy*...

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Granted, but the apocalypse comes and wipes out every other sentient being on the planet, besides yourself.

I wish I had amazing ninja skills.

Granted, but instead of riding it everywhere, you have to carry it on your back.
I wish I was taller

Granted but now your head is in outer space and you suffocate.

I wish the world was a musical.

granted, but all the songs were written buy Justine Bieber

I wish i was the smartest person alive 

Granted, but you're also the only person alive. (And come on, dude. If you're insulting someone, leave gender out of it. Cross-gender insults are ignorant and empty. Don't be that kid. You can do better.)

I wish my body functioned properly and painlessly.

Granted, but your mind does no longer work properly.

I wish i was dead. (I just want to see someone corrupt that)

Granted, but now you are a ghost and are forced to watch your loved ones cry all the time and not be able to comfort them.

I wish everyone had parents who loved them.

Granted. But now everyone else will hate them.
I wish I could understand and speak every language.

Granted, but everyone else suddenly becomes deaf and loses their hands :c

I wish i could transport anywhere at my own will in an instant.

Granted, but you lose parts of your body every time you do.

I wish I had the awesome magical-ness required to grant my own wishes.

Granted, but they turn out corrupted.

I wish I had a train.


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