It's a game. Bob and Sally will now show you how to play.

Bob: I wish I had a dog.
Sally: Granted, but it eats you. I wish I had a shirt.
Bob: Granted, but it's ugly.

Anyone who still doesn't know how to play can go jump in a lake to some other Ning because this one clearly PROHIBITS OVERWHELMING STUPIDITY is not for you.

Disclaimer: This is a pretty common forum game, so it might have been here before. No, I did not search the forum to find out if this is a repeat thread, so any trolls can feel free to tell me that it is and I'll take the discussion down. But, you know, *lazy*...

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Granted, but they blow up if you try to use them.

I wish I had a bowl of delicious ice cream.

Granted. But the bowl is really really small. More like a thimble than anything.

I wish I could get more sleep.

Granted, but now you hardly spend any time awake.

I wish I had more chocolate.

Granted, but it c
Granted, but it comes to life and eats you instead.
I wish I had the super power of healing.

Granted, but whenever you use it it sucks energy out of your own body and feels like getting stabbed everywhere on your body.

I wish I could be stress-free.

granted but you have literally no care. you are near comatose in you life. you walk around eat sleep and drink. that's it. you care for nothing else.

Granted but all your would be stress transfers over to the person you love the most.

I wish I was a good dancer.

Granted, but you have such horrible stage fright that you won't even dance by yourself.

I wish I could meet my online bestie face-to-face.

Granted, but it turns out that she is nothing like she said she was so you end up hating each other. 

I wish that I could be the Doctor's companion for the rest of my very long life. 

granted but your K9.

I wish i was a little bit taller, a baller, and had a girl who was good whom i could call.

granted, but your too much of a baller and youre now 30 inches taller and anytime you call her she is screwing another dude/girl


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