It's a game. Bob and Sally will now show you how to play.

Bob: I wish I had a dog.
Sally: Granted, but it eats you. I wish I had a shirt.
Bob: Granted, but it's ugly.

Anyone who still doesn't know how to play can go jump in a lake to some other Ning because this one clearly PROHIBITS OVERWHELMING STUPIDITY is not for you.

Disclaimer: This is a pretty common forum game, so it might have been here before. No, I did not search the forum to find out if this is a repeat thread, so any trolls can feel free to tell me that it is and I'll take the discussion down. But, you know, *lazy*...

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(I had nightmares about that girl!!!)


Granted, but you'll lose your teeth.


I wish I was better at corrupting wishes.

granted but therfore your wishes also become corrupt


I wish I had the power to strech my arms so i could open the fridge and get something eat because im too darn lazy to walk to the fridge ;O

Granted, but your arms gets all tangled up and you can't get it loose.


I wish THE Polish students that stayed with my class, stayed for one week more.

Granted but they bully you endlessly D;


I wish I was wearing sexy socks instead of boring solid pink ones

(They're too awesome to do that. Believe me, they're awesome. I'm  not talking about your socks.)


Granted, but once you come outside every man starts to stalk you.


I wish the moon would be sucked into the sun.

I have my battleaxe to kill them all off mwahahaha


Granted but now we all die ¬¬ including you D:


I wish we dont die in the result of the moon being sucked up by the sun

Granted, but the sun is being sucked into the centre of the galaxy, resulting in us getting killed.


I wish I was uberder.

Granted but we die since the sun gets consumed by the galaxy ¬¬


I wish i had something to drink

Granted, it's the poison of a black widow. Sweet dreams :)


I wish I had a stroopwafel. A big, warm stroopwafel.

Granted but I made them for you and thought it would be funny to mix half of my drink in with it and you ate it btw ;D


I wish i was immune to the poison of the black widow

Granted, but you are allergic to oxygen.


I wish I was a co-world leader.

Granted. Your immunity comes at the expense of your immune system though. Now even the common cold is about as dangerous as Ebola is to the average person.


I wish I could think of a wish.


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