It's a game. Bob and Sally will now show you how to play.

Bob: I wish I had a dog.
Sally: Granted, but it eats you. I wish I had a shirt.
Bob: Granted, but it's ugly.

Anyone who still doesn't know how to play can go jump in a lake to some other Ning because this one clearly PROHIBITS OVERWHELMING STUPIDITY is not for you.

Disclaimer: This is a pretty common forum game, so it might have been here before. No, I did not search the forum to find out if this is a repeat thread, so any trolls can feel free to tell me that it is and I'll take the discussion down. But, you know, *lazy*...

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Granted. Too bad that stomach flu hit you and your family and left you bed-ridden in a hospital at the same time as it.


I wish my hard drive had more space on it.

Granted, but just as your beginning to enjoy it, you get a trojan virus that kills your computer, steals all your personal imformation, and empties your bank account. Have fun.


I wish I got to eat more chocolate.

Granted, but you may not eat anything else.


I wish I had a great picture of myself.

Granted but afterwards all of the pictures taken of you are very extremley bad


I wish the Doctor was real and he could make me his companion


granted but then the doctor would kill u and go after river song

You forgot a wish. As a result, the entire planet is going to blow up, and it's all your fault.


I wish that I had more time to do fun stuff.

granted but everything you find fun disintegrates just as you think about doing


I wish there was something good on tv to watch

Granted. Unfortunately, the child turns out to be a creature similar to Alma from F.E.A.R.


I wish I was friends with Toothless.

(I had nightmares about that girl!!!)


Granted, but you'll lose your teeth.


I wish I was better at corrupting wishes.

granted but therfore your wishes also become corrupt


I wish I had the power to strech my arms so i could open the fridge and get something eat because im too darn lazy to walk to the fridge ;O

Granted, but your arms gets all tangled up and you can't get it loose.


I wish THE Polish students that stayed with my class, stayed for one week more.

Granted but they bully you endlessly D;


I wish I was wearing sexy socks instead of boring solid pink ones


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