I know October is a little far away, but I just cant wait! So I thought maybe we could brainstorm some good costume ideas? So we can, you know, defeat suck! :) Please and thank you!

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Well last year I went in a 'Naked' suit because my Xbox Live gamertag in NakedGingerKid. It was pretty funny and really awkward when I went to school in it (At my school the 6th formers can dress up on certain dates each year) 

I would upload a photo but it seems it has being removed on Facebook.

All the NerdFighters should dress up in a certain theme, so we can meet NerdFighters in our area. :)

agreed. but just what could be the theme?

I have no idea. :-(
Maybe we could have a vote (if the topic gets more publicity). Harry Potter Characters? Dr Who Characters? Or even just the NerdFighter logo on our costume, so we could easily identify other NerdFighters. 

oh! I like the logo idea so then people can wear whatever they want yet still participate

What could we do.... I think the logo idea is good, and you could also use DFTBA.

Puppy sized elephant, CALLED IT!

I was Robin from Batman and Robin a few years ago, it's so easy. All you need is a red leotard, green tights,2 pieces of felt to sew yourself the Robin "R" on the suit, a jumbo yellow t-shirt to cut into a cape and pin to your back and black eyeliner to make your face mask. Oh yeah and TONS of makeup removed so the eyeliner isn't stuck in your pores for the rest of the night. Note to self: take actual good, serious pictures of your costumes sometimes! 

I've also done Rosie the Riveter (if you are so feministically inclined) and Judy Funnie (from Doug, I always felt a kindred spirit in the misunderstood drama of her character). They're both really easy to gather supplies for. Most of Judy came from the Salvation Army thrift store (nerd frugality FTW!). 

And despite this infinite picspam (which, as far as I know may get me all of your ire) I still have no idea what to be. I love making costumes so much that I have two ideas I want to complete before Halloween and I don't want to use either of them for the actual holiday. I'm trying to make a costume soon that's been a pipe dream of mine, hopefully more on that soon, and  I would really love to cosplay Big Barda at NYC Comicon now that I've had a Colin Singleton Eureka moment about how to achieve the scales for her costume. I think I may be a Baseball Fury from The Warriors for the actual day but that's a whole 'nother project and bag of worries, I like my costumes to be done as simply as possibly to achieve the intended character. 

Seriously, though, I would love to talk to any nerd fighters who love to make costumes. It's been an ongoing quiet passion of my life that only comes out on holidays. Now that I'm supposed to be starting to be a grown-up I want to do it more to decrease my own Carbon World Suck footprint. 

Last year, I dressed up as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. I still think this is a fantastic costume idea. I mean, there's so many possibilities!


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