Everyone reading this: We should all make a list of things we all should promise to do to decrease world suck. Anyone interested in helping making the *MASTER LIST OF WAYS TO MAKE THE WORLD SUCK LESS" because we can all literally make the world suck less, and together, we can make it suck less a lot. Just post things to add to the list, then we will put it all together, and it will me amazing. Be specific if you want. Even if it sound weird. I wont judge you. :D

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I have the first thing. Everyone, use a french press instead of a coffee machine. Just do it. DFTBA.




What if I want an espresso? :(

1.   Stop liking things on Facebook, or posting your bra color, or complaining to thin air

2.   ???

3.   Profit

But seriously though, I'm interested in what people come up with.  We can all start by being friendly and open minded, and work our way from there.

Also, watch more South Park :P

My favourite anti-worldsuck practise is just to give people completely true and honest compliments. Instead of thinking about how nice someone's hair looks today, I decided to begin telling them. The smiles you get make it totally worth it!
It's nothing huge, but making even one person's day better is an improvement. And it's totally free!
Also, give good gifts. Something thoughtful, or something you obviously put a lot of time and/or effort into :) 

The compliment thing is something I really need to work on. I always see people wearing a cool shirt or etc and I just feel way too socially awkward to say anything to them. So, I'm definitely going to work on that. :)

I love to give honest compliments. It seems awkward at first, but just try it anyway! It's true that the smiles you get will help you feel a whole lot better about it and with practice it just becomes natural :)

I am NOT good at giving compliments. One of my friends wore her hair differently, and at first I couldn't figure out what was different. When she told me, I said "So that's what's wrong". Luckily, she wasn't too offended.

That's true! I always do that. I compliment people a lot. And even though they think I want something from them, I keep doing this and simply never want anything in exchange.

One day, when I was wearing some nice clothes, my mom asked me if any one noticed. And I replied "No, why would they...?". After that I started thinking "If I want anyone to notice my nice new haircut/or whatever, it's me who has to compliment people. Maybe one day someone who I know will come up with the same thing. And another person. And another... And we will finally be nice and kind.

Hope it will work.

I love this :)

Become a vegetarian, or do meat free mondays or some shizzle like that. I'm already a vegetarian, but it would be good if other people saw this and got the idea


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