Ok, so i wanted to start an important discussion.

We are all aware that nerdfighters are fighting to decrease world suck, i hope... well, i was thinking of ways this could happen in an easyer way, a more direct way. I thought of making a project of helping people with their hard times socialy, we all know that social statusses are important for the average teenager, so for everyperson you see alone in the cafeteria, or being bullied, or about to embarrase himself/herself, to help them out! sit with them and then hang out with them, defend them by telling the principal or a teacher (because many people are scared to tell someone because they will be called a tatletale), or a person you see with a shoe lace untied and about to trip, or drooling, or with wet pants, to just help them out the way you can.

them tell them about nerdfighters, and that they should join, and make someone's life better.


This is a bit like the "Pay it forward" movement, but unlike that, this doesnt require only 3, this can be used for your whole life! and then tell another person about it!


I hope to read how you helped a person on the comments...



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And if you want citations for my claim that bullies have feelings, flip to the section on the limbic system in any neurobiology book.

So calling people douche bags means I think they don't feel? Yes bullies have emotions, but most of them aren't abuse victims just lashing out. They're mostly just douchebags.

I do take back what I said, that sarcastic comment was wrong of me. But do you really believe people that want help are attention whores? People that call suicide hot-lines are attention whores? Do you think people that post messages like spiderbonez did are attention whore? That's seriously despicable. This isn't a personal attack towards you, but you should be ashamed you said that. Maybe if those kids were attention whores they'd still be alive.

Right, I call bullshit on one guy and suddenly I don't think suicidal thoughts exist? No, all suicidal people are not attention whores, but spider is.

Unfortunately I see you're pretty set in your ways, so you can reply to this and have the last word. I'm through with this discussion.

Say what you will about me but I feel that anyone who replies to me deserves a response. I may be a jackass but at least I don't categorize people and outright tell them I'm ignoring their opinions so I can feel superior. Real classy man.
It always amazes me how someone pounding on bits of plastic in a random room somewhere can have such a profound effect on someone sitting in front of a screen somewhere else.
I know. Imagine how some victims of bullying might feel if told that they deserved what they got for not fighting back. If only people were more considerate about being offensive.
I find it offensive that people allow themselves to perpetuate themselves being a victim.
Do you honestly not see the hypocrisy in your posts?

And I'm not claiming to be a victim. You couldn't offend or hurt me if you tried.


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