Up until now, we have had a Catholic/ Christian president. How would you feel if we had a mormon(sp?) president?? Just wondering what you would think about that.

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Mormon? Not too fond of the Mormon church either. They sort of made the boy scouts stupider and generally oppose things I'm okay with so unless our Mormon president is a bad Mormon or every other candidate is threatening to nuke the moon if elected I probably won't vote a Mormon in. 

Some people say religious beliefs shouldn't matter but they kind of do. It's hard to say every Mormon (for example) is going to oppose things I want to legalize because we live in a world where people often deviate at least a little bit from the labels they apply to themselves but if they do follow the Mormon Church I generally won't support them.

Just to emphasize an point though, Ron Paul is running for president as a Republican but he isn't a conservative as much as he is a libertarian since he doesn't support the government regulating social-morality. Labels are helpful but individuals are generally more complex than their labels would imply. 

Theoretically though I could care less about a Wannabe-President's religious identification and more about their political opinions, work-ethic, ability to speak (it is actually important), ability to lead (reluctantly mind you) and charming characteristics (once again, actually important).

Exactly! It bothers me so much when someone says "religious preferences shouldn't matter" when they're speaking about something like this.

Yeah, they only define a person. Not entirely of course, but I would be a different person if I was a Muslim or a Christian. It would affect all of my philosophical ideas and many of my mannerisms.

Mormons? More lunatics in religious fervor? I'll take a scientist.

I don't really focus on the religion of the president too much unless I am writing a paper on him.  To me, the election is about policies and politics.  I don't know enough about the Mormon religion to know if a Mormon candidate would be bad, but it would shine through to their policies and politics.

I'll admit that everything I know about Mormonism comes from a combination of stand-up comedy and the Book of Mormon soundtrack (which I do take with a grain of salt, but yes, that's all I know).

I do not think it would necessarily be a bad thing. I think Romney would make a bad president, but that has nothing to do with his religion.

It's not like he/she could start banning things that his/her religion bans - first of all, because every president wants a second term; and secondly because he/she still would have to work through a Christian legislature and (I think) judiciary. I'm fairly certain that it really wouldn't make too big of an impact on how the office was run.

I personally think a religion has nothing to do with solving out countries economy.

It's just a belief and I don't think it affects anything dramatically.

I don't really care.

Aren't catholics and mormons also christians? I think you're looking for the word protestant.

protestant is also christian, in fact the sects of protestant are why not all christian's are the same. Mormonism is a cult not recognized by any church as Christianity. 

personally i dont think our President is powerful at all. I believe he (or maybe eventually a she but i doubt it as America is still sexist.) is merely a face used by someone else behind the scenes.

that is not based in any fact at all. The president is the head of the executive branch. It is completely illogical to think that there is a "Puppet master" controlling the government or the president. If you had any evidence to your claim I may look at it further. However since there is no credible evidence to validate your claim that I am aware of, your point is illogical. 

I do not want religion to have an impact at all. In fact any candidate who uses Religion in campaigning at all loses all of my support. We are a secular society based on secular values. I personally want an Atheist for president. But as far as Mormons go absolutely not. Racism is indoctrinated into the Mormon faith. They teach that all non-white people are that way because they sided with the devil in the fight between god and Satan in the beginning of time. It is a completely illogical and incomprehensible faith. Any person holding this belief obviously does not have enough the brain capacity or power necessary to lead a group of people in the pledge let alone lead the country. 

I do not think any agnostic, deist, or athiest candidate would ever be forth coming about their beliefs, or lack thereof. "Christian" is what the majority wants - so that is what candidates give them. Anything else is career suicide.

That being said, as an atheist, I have nothing but Christian candidates to chose from. Catholic, Protestant, or Mormon - there is no one representing my (lack of) beliefs. So how much does this matter?

Not much.

It matters when a candidate uses his beliefs, or caters to that of others, to pass laws based in faith and not reason. To push religion in science classrooms. To interpret, legislate and enforce "God's Plan" as he sees it. To make criminals or outcasts out of those who deviate from religion doctrine. To declare war in the name of some higher, unseen, unheard authority who does not speak for itself.

If a candidate rejects evolution, quotes scripture to justify a policy, calls anyone "satan", or puts the "plan" of an unquestionable force above the good of human beings, the quality of life, or the function of a global society - we have a serious problem.


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