Up until now, we have had a Catholic/ Christian president. How would you feel if we had a mormon(sp?) president?? Just wondering what you would think about that.

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Seriously Julia. Grow up. I'm not a Mormon, and I disagree very strongly with it on many points, but even I can see here that your debating style was frankly rude and unhelpful.

So then you won't mind apologising for your style up to this point.

I don't recall asking you to apologise to me.

So if they act unprofessionally their beliefs do matter but what they believe doesn't matter if they act professionally?

I see what you mean now, but their religion will always impact their behavior and their beliefs so it's impossible for them to separate the two. Whether or not they're being unprofessional [in that regard] is doomed to always be a grey area.

Honestly, it really doesn't matter to me if the president is black, white, straight, gay, male, female, Jewish, Mormon, atheist, Satanist, etc, as long as they can comprehensively and competently run the country. 

Seeing that you are all but directly referencing Romney, I'd like to provide a few quick historical examples. JFK was a Catholic, and at the time many believed that if he was elected, he would serve the Pope more than he would the American people. This was proven spectacularly false. Richard Nixon was a Quaker, a pacifist religion. However, he supported the Vietnam War. Therefore, a candidate's religion should not matter.


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