Before I start, this is going to sound strange and being only new here, I feel it will come off wrong. But here goes! I've got a bit of a nack for helping people out, I was a member of a mental health (self harm, anorexia/bulimia, drugs and alcohol abuse) support forum for literally years-mostly as a live-chat 'counsellor' and I thought maybe it'd be a good idea if nerdfighters could descrease world suck-by sharing their problems or supporting each other on a specific thread? Obviously, if there's another thread like that-nevermind! But what do you think?


Sorry if I come off wrong! Also if anyone feels they need to talk to someone for whatever reason-they can most definitely drop me a line!

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I think that this is a pretty good idea. Honestly. A ton of people have problems that they need to deal with but don't know where to start.

Also, if you fix your own problems first, then you can start on other peoples problems so we can even further cure world suck. ^^

I have a pretty good life, and I'm happy, so I don't really have anything else to contribute to the conversation. Sorry, just wanted to throw that out there. ^^;

I'm glad! I feel less like a share-your-emotion hippy now.

Iwas thinking about something similar earlier. Which is actually why I joined, just to see if there was a way to reduce personal AND general world suck at once.

I have a heck of a lot going on for me at the moment. A break up that started off quite amicably, and I have made worse by still loving - very very deeply - the person in question. I am going through counselling for it. We broke up about 3 months ago. My love and my texts aren't reciprocated, nor will they be while the guy dates a bit. I made massive mistakes a year ago, and this acted as a catalyst for him to stop loving me I guess. But we held on for nine months.


The good times come and go and I am generally feeling a lot more positive now than I did. I just currently lack the self esteem to realise that actually, all by myself, I am an alright person. For me, he was that affirmation. There is a heck of love for him that isn't, and won't dissipate. Where as he acts like he has already moved on. He rejects the concept, or idea of fate. As I did before we broke up. But I can't help but hope. I simply worry that I will still be in the position of holding on another 3 odd months down the line.


I guess time will tell. Maybe I am better than him, and don't want him, and of course I am young. But 3 years of relationship and feeling, even with a slightly crappier few months at the end of it, and he says he doesn't me? Bollocks. Just have to carry on I guess :)

:( I understand exactly what you mean, if you're not extremely confident relationships can really feel like an affirmation of your value and worth. Before I started seeing James, I thought and felt that I was an insignificant speck amongst other people, I had friends-yet I felt as though I gave absolutely everything of myself to them-whilst they constantly fell short of my admittedly high expectations of what they should have been.

Before James and I got together, I was a really unwell person-I hurt myself and I suffered depression-I've come along way since but until very recently whenever fought or whatever-I was right back where I started-hating myself and feeling worthless. 

But one day I was like fuck that and since I've been finding new ways in which I can define myself as person of worth and value. Finding new friends which had no connection with him and helping people who felt like I did a couple of years ago. Its' given me some reassurance that without James, I am still Robyn-someone I should totally be proud of being (If I don't say so myself...)

For you, as you've said, it's quite similar-a lack of self esteem that's so demobilising and upsetting.  If I could suggest anything it would be get outside of yourself, out of your head. Use something you're good at, or you are passionate about for someone else. If you're interested in making documentaries maybe you should offer your services to charitable organisations around you? Last year I made a promotional video for a homeless shelter so that they could advertise it on various website-Honestly, I felt much better about myself.


I'm glad that you're carrying on regardless :) Keep that up! 




This is a great idea. I, personally, am feeling great, but one of my favourite aspects of nerdfighteria is that this is such a supportive community of people who will be there for you when you're down and love you and not judge you. It's safe, and this is just an example of that. I'm definitely also willing to be there for a nerdfighter in need too, even though I don't have your experience. 

Just wanted to say that I think this idea is made of awesome.

Thanks! It's probably summer which is causing so much happiness. I don't know about you when it's light after nine o'clock I get buzzed!
This is a good idea. I'm feeling pretty good right now but I am under a lot of stress and do occasionally self-injure. I'm extremely introverted so it's easy for me to go a few days without talking to anyone else, especially because I live alone, but when I do stay alone I end up self-injuring more. If you have any advice on how to socialize a bit more, that would be helpful.


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