Delightful Fans That Blithely Assist - An album by Nerdfighteria

Edited: This is going ahead swimmingly! I hope everyone is hard at work.



Accio Deathly Hallows - Hank Green (Covered by Tomo) [DONE!]
Porphyrophobia - Tom Milsom (Covered by Kadie McDonald) [DONE!]
Summer of '09 - ALL CAPS feat. Alan Lastufka (Covered by Brendan Linwood)
The World Is Mine (I Don't Know Anything!) - Alex Day (Covered by Fiona Douglas)
Can't - Tom Milsom and Alan Lastufka.(Hannes Boeryd)

I'm Not Edward Cullen -  Hank Green (Alex Blue Eyes)
Holding On - Alex Day (Beth)
type 40 - Chameleon Circuit (Milica Ivanovic)
Boxcar Blood - Alan Lastufka (Tribeca)
Womanizer - Venetian Princess (Catherine)
Olive You - Dave Days (Claire Fidz O'R)
Candy Floss - Alex Day (Joseph Asfoury)
Not Just Yet - Alex Day (Tamara)


Legends of Archery - Driftless Pony Club (twoswedesoneguitar)[Done!]

I Love Brains - All Caps (Aimee and Brendan Linwood)
Missing You - Alex Day (Cloudboy and The Revolution) [DONE!]

Emily and Zac are making a video for Missing You - Alex Day

Milica Ivanovic

Alexthenerdyone (

If you have video experience, you could make music videos and use your editing expertise.

We also need graphic designers to design advertising. Having a large range of advertisements will really show that Nerdfighteria got into this project.

But that's not all. Comment with your talent/skill and we will find you a job!
Please reply if you are keen to help out! Doesn't matter if you have no musical talent, everyone can help.

Dont forget to be awesome Nerdfighteria.

Anything you'd like to mention privately or have any concerns, contact the people running the show at (put Nerdfighters at the top!)


Share this link around! :


- Due date for songs with videos being produced (March. 1, 2011)
Now, the songs with videos would ideally be recorded a few weeks before this deadline. Collaborate with the video makers and see when they need things by :)
-Due date for song submissions (March. 8, 2011)
-Due date for artwork submissions (March. 15, 2011)
-Due date for presentation of finished product to DFTBA Records (April. 1, 2011)


27/11/2010: Hopefully everyone is hard at work! I've had practices from Tomo and Alex The Nerdy One  and they're coming along splendidly :) Keep making those videos too! Head over to Brendan's visual art discussion to see who is doing the art for what things.

7/2/2011: I haven't heard from a lot of you in a long time. Could you please let me know how you're doing and if you're still interested? DFTBA <3
8/2/2011 Submission dates pushed back another month, and I have three finished songs! :) Please tell me if you actually read this :P

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I also don't seem to have received an email either (not sure if I was meant to or not but I just thought id let you know just in case)
I have received it now and the questions look awesome, I will have to think up some witty responses :P

woops thought I gave it to you a while back!

Can we get an email, Seb and I?

UPDATE TIME! Just checking in, how is everyone doing?
Ive started recording Olive You! Its just my recording stuff is in my family home so I can only record on weekends due to college! But I will have it done soon ^^

Yay! Sounds good.

I'm probably gonna start recording this weekend,and hopefully, I'll have it done some time after that :)
Recording this weekend! have it to you guys by monday I'm hoping!

Alright folks! Deadlines are arriving fast. I need to know who is:


 - still committed to this project, and will finish by the deadline,

 - Still committed to the project but needs an extension, and

 - Who is in way over their heads and wants out.

No one is going to hate you for ditching out, but I need to know. Please reply with your response asap?


DFTBA guys :) 

I'm in, I've just been working on an arrangement of recording.
Aimee's half of the cover is almost finished, we are still recording beth's we might be able to get it in by submissions but will probably be at least a week late. Not sure how long brendan needs to finish his half of the cover


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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