Alright, so Despicable Me TOTALLY has some heavy Nerdfighter references and I was thinking it would be EPIC to get a group of us together to go watch it. I'm in Denton, so I'm rooting for at least a Denton Gathering, but it'd be awesome if a bunch of us got together across Texas and made little videos shouting out to each other? We could leave the links here afterward.

What do you think? Anyone up for a gathering in Denton?

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Oh how I wish I didn't live in Sweden right now. I wanna come. :(
Oh, I understand.

You seem to be the only one interested, though. :( It may end up being a gathering of just me and my friends.
:/ Well, I'm sure it'll be fun anyway.
:) Definitely.

Next time I'm in Sweden I'll look you up!
Do so :)
I'm so in. Can we do it in Dallas? But hey, I'll actually be moving to Denton in 29 days, so I'm so excited. It'd be great to meet someone from there (aka you!) :)

If you're still interested, please respond. I'll check back a few times in the next week. Or you can email me (which would be SO much better) at Can't wait to hear from you.
Email sent and sent.

Congrats on moving to Denton. We're pretty much the most awesome place that starts with a D in Denton County.
blaah. Wish i could join yall, but i live in houston and i was a lazy kid and didn't get her permit on time so not i don't have my license yet and none of my nerdfighter friends drive :~/
lol, it's cool. We'll all eventually get to know each other - the difficulties of transportation aside. :)
haha yes, maybe one day!
I live in Denton county, and I wish I could go, but I doubt that I will be able to. Band camp starts Monday and then there will be no time for any thing but band.
What about this weekend? Could you make that?


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