Oh my gosh, guys. There were so many of them. One of the orphans is named Margo. They shrink an elephant (my friend leaned over and said "puppy sized elephant!") Vector had glasses very similar to John's nerd glasses AND I could've sworn I saw him give the Nerdfighter salute at one point.
That's all. I just had to share.

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OMG! I just saw this movie today and I was freakin' out. There must've been a Nerdfighter who worked on this movie. The salute and the "puppy sized elephant" killed me! :D
In reality, I shouldn't have anything to say on the matter because I haven't seen it. But from what I've seen, a nerdfighter DEFINITELY worked on this. The movie has nerd written all over it. I mean, the bad guy is this super geeky inventor. Hopefully taking the kid I babysit to see it tomorrow so I can actually WATCH it, hahaha
Holy crap I know! The references were crazy! I refuse to believe anything other than that the producers were nerdfighters.
I searched for this thread hoping that I wouldn't have to make one myself, I must say I am impressed with all the nerdfighters that picked up on that I thought that I would be one of the only ones!
I noticed that, too! I was so excited. Do you think someone who worked on the movie was a Nerdfighter? And if so, who?

I am SO going to see this now.

We should have a nerdfighter gathering to go see it.
I want to go see it so badly now.

Yeah sure little girls love unicorns but clearly that was an admission that the producers are Team Unicorn.

Also the squid was used in anger= giant squids of anger. Just sayin.
He did give the Nerdfighters salute. Somewhere in the Interwebs, there is a picture.
And he says to his father (the evil banker) that his nerd name was Victor. Hahaha, i saw this last night and now i want to find out who the actor is and ask him if he is a nerdfighter.
vector has a squid-launching gun... GIANT SQUIDS OF ANGER!!!!


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