Oh my gosh, guys. There were so many of them. One of the orphans is named Margo. They shrink an elephant (my friend leaned over and said "puppy sized elephant!") Vector had glasses very similar to John's nerd glasses AND I could've sworn I saw him give the Nerdfighter salute at one point.
That's all. I just had to share.

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1. the Nerdfighter sign

2. The puppy-sized elephant

3. Squid on the wall (this is debatable)

4. There may or may not be a guy in the Starbucks at the beginning that is wearing a shirt with a giraffe on it. I'm not sure.

5. Margo (this is even more debatable, because it's just a name)


That's what I've got. Believe it was intentional or not. (Couplet!)

You're forgetting the squid guns which shoots giant squids of anger. It may all be a huge coincedence, but it it so awesome nontheless! (I just rewatched the movie just to check for nerdfighter signs) DFTBA!
Vector does the Nerdfigher salute? OMJESUS! Now I have to watch the movie again and show my friends.
I noticed the elephant one, my friend who is also a Nerdfighter and I both had a special Nerdfighter moment and everyone else just looked at us. It was so jokes until we realised that no one else understood :D



I just re-watched the movie with the specific intention of looking for Nerdfighter-related instances. I do agree with those who say that some of this may be grasping at straws, and I think that any single thing could easily be dismissed as coincidence. But taken together, even if you only accept the few strongest points... I just start having trouble with the "coincidence" angle when there's so MUCH happening. Here's what I found:


* a character named Margo who wears both nerd glasses and red Converse high tops, which are closely associated with the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who, which is in turn closely associated with nerd culture in general

* a second character, Vector, who not only wears nerd glasses and is mathematically inclined to the point of nerdiness, but also at one point does what is undeniably either the Nerdfighter sign or a HUGELY coincidental PERFECT re-creation of a fairly complex and unusual finger/hand/arm gesture

* miniature elephants that are, admittedly, NOT exactly puppy-sized, but ARE in my opinion close enough to add to the unlikelihood of pure coincidence

* MANY mentions of unicorns, including one character who is completely obsessed with them and a book written by the main character called "The Lonely Unicorn"

* a dog ("Kyle") who looks to me suspiciously like an anglerfish (compare this to this)

* popcorn inside Vector's glasses while they're on his face, much like Hank once put Peeps inside his glasses while they were on his face (compare this to this)

* the girls rejoicing over the promise of pizza

* a weapon that shoots giant squids, thus making them arguably "giant squids of anger" and not just random squids that are shown in some other capacity


As I said, some of this is definitely a reach and I totally respect people with other opinions. But for ME, having a character named Margo, tiny elephants, unicorns, squids (used as a weapon), and, most notably, the Nerdfighter sign figure prominently in one movie is just a lot of factors to blame on coincidence. I really think there's a very good chance that at least one of the writers was doing this on purpose.


I'd love to find out for sure but I have no idea how we could do that. Anyone have any ideas? I mean, if Nerdfighteria can get Helen Hunt to watch a vlogbrothers video from 2007 just in time for Hank's birthday in 2011, we can do ANYTHING, right?! :D

I saw it aswell! he gave it and i was like wow! DFTBA!


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