I recently blogged about movies and the books they're based on. Isn't it strange how we want to get the same feeling from the movie that we got from the book?

I'd love to hear your experience of movies based on books, and books you read because you loved the movie.

Has a movie ever ruined a book you love?

Has a book ever ruined a movie you love?


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I've been thinking about watching A Clockwork Orange, should I read the book first?

Some of my favorite books have became movies and/or shows and it's an absolute disgrace! Here are a few examples:

1) Dead Until Dark (A.K.A. True Blood)

2) The Vampire Diaries

3) Cirque Du Freak

4) The Secret Circle

5) The Lightning Thief 

6) One For the Money

Those are some of my favorite series that have been ruined, and there are some that are ridiculous (like Twilight) but honestly... Twilight the movie, even though there definitely WERE changes, it wasn't plot altering. Same with Harry Potter. 

I don't know that the movie ruined the book, but I was highly disappointed by Jurassic Park the movie. 

There was one scene in the book that I thought was the most tense scene possible and I was fully expecting it to be one of the big scares, if not THE big scare in the film.

I watch the movie.  That scene is nowhere to be found.  I was SO disappointed.  Not to mention that the movie could easily have been the next Rocky Horror "Throw Sh*t At The Screen To Make A Dreadful Movie Enjoyable" movie.

I read "2001: Space Odyssey" without ever having seen the movie.  I still haven't, but the movie ruined (almost) the entire series for me.  When you read "2001" then proceed directly to "2010: Odyssey Two", it is very, VERY confusing, because the Arthur C. Clarke (the author) changes the details of what happened in the book "2001" so that "2010" is actually a sequel to the movie and not the book.  So quite a few details were confusing when I read "2010" until I realized he was basing it off the movie.  It was very annoying.

As bad as it sounds, the Twilight movie ruined the book for me. I kinda liked it when I read it in middle school because it was just something simple and shallow to read for fun, but the movie blew it up into this huge thing and it got super popular for the wrong reasons and it wasn't this simple shallow book for me to read when I was bored anymore. It was really annoying.


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