Hi Nerdfighters!

I am Colleen H., a new nerdfighter.  I have been watching all the vlogbrothers videos from the beginning and have just gotten to the one where they play word association after their grandfather's death. (December 14, 2011, link HERE!!)  They somehow got to repeating the words "Disco" "Golf" and "Balls" over and over.  :D  They said that disco golf balls weren't a thing.  I want to make them a thing.

Here's my idea:  Nerdfightaria, without telling Hank or John, makes disco golf balls!  Here's how:  Anyone who is interested in this idea can send me a picture of them dancing under/holding/putting on their head a DISCO GOLF BALL!!  You can make a disco golf ball by decorating a golf ball like a disco ball, a disco ball like a golf ball, or just attaching a golf ball to the ceiling and doing the disco under it!  If you are interested in this idea say so in the comments so I can get an idea of how many pictures to expect. 

You can send me these pictures at:  (pictures only please, no videos!)  Also, if you have any ideas for song/songs playing in the background, email me or put suggestions in the comments.  I promise you, I'm an innocent nerdfighter, I don't want any of your personal info, I won't put you on a mailing list for some company, I just want to make an awesome project idea happen. 


Colleen H.

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However, if no one thinks this is a good idea, i won't be offended

I'm up for this :)

Awesome!  Do you know of any way that we can get more people to know about this?? 

Without tipping off John and Hank?

I dunno... 

Try tumblr?

Yea....  That might work.  It might get a little complicated with this new site going up, I might have to re-post all this.  I mean, I will talk to Hank + John if I have to, but I really want this to be a surprise.  I wonder if we can get this up by cinco hanko de mayo. :D

This definitely sounds like something I would be interested in. Good job at being awesome Colleen!

I'll try and get all the nerdfighters in montreal to do it to though when do you want them for?

Um, there's no real time limit, but maybe if they can get photos to me by maybe early March, that will give me enough time to put together a video and possibly post it on Hanko de Mayo.

ok that's good I'll post it in my group on face book. For you with march 1st 


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