So I'm disabled (lower limb amputee) and was just wondering if a disabled person is viewed as less attractive than if they weren't disabled? This sort of all came about when I realized out of my group of friends I'm the only one who's been single long term while all my other friends have had serious girlfriends or boyfriends at some point and it sort of got me wondering.

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If your profile picture is any indication of your appearance,  I would say, first of all, you're probably way too young for me to comment on your physical attractiveness or lack thereof.  But, the impression it gives me is that you're a bit silly and have a sense of humour,  both which are more attractive qualities than male legs (or lack thereof), which tend to hairy and knobbly, and awkward looking, even when the full complement are attached.  

Anyways, what would you want with a superficial douche that only likes you based on how many limbs you have?  Seriously dude.   Also you don't have to have another half just because your mates do.  Maybe you're one of those lucky people that get to go stag for awhile and then find yourself with some mega awesome later on. Heck, maybe you'll even find someone with the exact opposite leg missing, and you could have some serious fun with that,  being the 'other half' and everything.  Who knows.  Either way you seem pretty young, in which case....plenty of time and fish in the sea!

*Even if you're not male, just look it as 'they would be hypocritical for icking over my legs cos theirs aren't particularly hot anyway'

There seems to be some sort of confusion I'm not asking this question to receive assurance or advice about the topic, I already know if someone can't see past the whole one leg thing then there not really worth bothering with. I was asking from the view off the able bodied main stream does acquiring a disability make you less attractive than if you where able bodied? 

Then I have clearly misinterpreted you.

I cannot answer your question further as I am not mainstream.

Sorry I hope I wasn't rude.  I meant well.


I would guess you not finding a girl friend has nothing to do with physical attractiveness per se.

It probably has something to do with people being insecure, scared or both around handicapped people.

But you must know that better than I do, no?

So, to be brutally honest, does you being disable make you less attractive? No.

Does it, however, make you less likely to find a girlfriend? Probably.

Some people definitely would find you less attractive, others might find you more attractive for various reasons. Most people I think won't mind your disability itself. The only thing I would say is if you're self-conscious or shy around other people you'll probably have a harder time dating than someone without a disability. However if you're confident you might even have an easier time impressing people since they'll see you as someone who's powerful and who can overcome adversity as oppose to someone who has been beaten up by life's tragedies.

It's a fine line.

Anyways nothing can in and of itself limit your ability to date, even if it limits people who see you as a potential date. If you spin it the right way it'll make you look better than if you had nothing to spin at all. Even having genitals that don't work properly might get you in with a celibate or something.

Don't worry about being disabled, it doesn't make everyone think your less attractive or something.

Just googled him, wow :O

Hubba Hubba

Just because your friends are in relationships doesn't necessarily mean that you should be.
Do you have a prosthesis (sp?). Do you make a deal out of the f act that you ar an amputee? ...because girls a notorious for being petty about stuff like that.

My dad has polio. So his right leg is an inch shorter than his left, that makes him limp every time he walks. Also it's smaller than his left leg in a way that it's obvious even form a far, but yet my mom never saw that as something bad. She always tells us that she never saw our father any differently. And you know what they've been married for 20 years. As cliche as this may sound that's how I learned "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". That my mother never saw my dad's disability as a deal breaker in their relationship. So no matter how much your physical appearance is, people who really care for you will love you for everything you are. 

I certainly do not think ability/disability matters in the least, but I think some people may be turned off by it.  Not necessarily that it makes you unattractive, but it might frighten people or something.  Young people just generally don't know how to react to things that are different.  But, as has been said, if it is going to matter to somebody, that somebody is probably not who you want to date..  I think sometimes we get a bit too focused on romantic relationships and forget to just enjoy the awesomeness that is platonic friendship.  Also, life has an odd way of working out and love an odd tendency to sneak up on people.

In my opinion, attractiveness should definitely be based upon personality, not physical appearance. Sorry to sound cheesy, but it's true. At one time, I had extremely disliked a person with a disability. I felt terrible about not liking him because I thought that I didn't like him because of his disability. In reality, it really was his personality that ticked me off, so I didn't feel as bad about not liking him. So, personality is a huge part of being "attractive."


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