Have you discovered yourself yet? What will it take for you to discover yourself? Will you ever discover yourself? Does it matter to you who you are?

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I don't think that anyone does.

We're all a mixture of influences, except for true visionaries, which also need to get their inspiration from some stimulus.
We can never truly be "ourselves"

... In my opinion, at least.
I don't really know who I am yet. My mom is a phsychologist professor, and she told me that is normal for people my age not to know who they are. She says it takes to college or later to figure it out. I used to know exactly who I was, but that changed recently. I probably will find out who I am eventually. If I don't know who I am, no one else will. And that will be kind of depressing.
I know who I could be and should be, but it's making myself into myself that is the trouble. The question isn't what will it take to figure myself out, but when I can manage to break away from everyone in my life and let go of who I have become with them.
Or, perhaps, I'm insane.
I would say that I am generally secure in who I am. I am happy with it too. >.< :)
I'd like to think so- I spent a few years homeschooling to do precisely that, figure myself out.

I'm still not sure, though. I don't think a person could really, truly know themselves until they've experienced every situation.
I know who I want to be. I know who I've been in the past. Who I am now is a compromise between the way I've been and the way I'm trying to be.

I don't think it's possible to 'discover' yourself. Discovering yourself suggests that there is a single true and constant self. I believe that the self is constantly changing based on past experiences, desires and goals for the future, and the needs of the moment. I think the self is a work in progress, not a finished product that has to be found.
I've never really surprised myself before... So... I guess... I... Do...
i don't know. i don't particularly care. i change a lot. a few weeks back, i was really pumped because i thought i was going to be a writer. i'd found a magazine to write for and everything.but now i'm really pumped about learning guitar so i can start a band.
The truth is that everything is constantly and continuously changing, we are no exception. You will never stop changing in your tastes, your personality, your beliefs, everything. This is what makes it impossible for anyone to "find themselves" . That is why you shouldn't worry about such uncomfortable questions and do what you feel is right right now, and if that means that at age 85 you realize that, yes you should have become a doctor, then so be it!
Like trying to grasp a handful of mercury, evading as we try, it slips slightly ahead of our understanding. The changes to ourselves happen more quickly than we can solidify a full knowledge of ourselves. This, not even considering that self-image isn't going to be 100% accurate. We make discoveries of who we really are not by our actions alone, but the reactions and opinions of others must be considered. Find yourself? It's not a solitary task. You 'find yourself' with the help of outside influences. Anyone can think what they want of themselves, things that may not be true.
Absolutely not. :)

What will it take? Well, I know this one. A car, a little money, and a road out of here.
I know how you feel. When I run, I tell my friends I'm training. "For what?" they ask. I'm training to escape.


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