Some people name their cars.. I know someone who named her house.. I'm sure people name other.. inanimate objects.

I have a thing about naming my computers.. and until they have a name, (other than the factory rubbish) I don't let them on my network.

I won't just name them anything... normally, the name has something to do with how it looks, or with something I was doing at the time.

I've had way too many computers in my lifetime to name them all, but here's a few... my army of laptops is easiest to explain.

Zeus - My first laptop.. he was a Hewlett Packard ze4410us laptop. Using the first and last letters from the model number, gave me Zeus.
Tuna - My second laptop.. bought from a friend of mine and so named because she had a silver belly. (the laptop.. not my friend)

And now.. probably the weirdest name I've given one of my computers..

Voxin - My current laptop.. around the time I bought him, I'd rediscovered the glory of Dune II - Battle for Arrakis.. this was the first game I installed on my brand new super cool uber laptop that I bought to play WoW on, after playing it on Tuna became too unbearable. Anyway, I had kept a game editor for Dune, part of which was able to extract every single soundfile from the game. The files came out with a .VOX extension, and for an afternoon, I was *.VOX'in it up.. playing the soundfiles for my own amusement with sounds such as "Enemy Harvester, Destroyed".. or the dreaded "Wormsign".

I name my computers.. and sometimes, Hard Drives. And I call them by those names. "Oh.. just copy that over to Aggy".. "Which drive is it on?" "Gigantor, I think." (Gigantor is a 1TB drive hooked up to a HDD Dock)

So yes.. I name my computers.

Do you?

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I've been staring at this thread since you started it, trying to think of a name. I can't think of a good one for my computer. It's a shite little thing... L'ordinateur de merde.
My car's name is Bipsy, though. She's a lovely dear, 13 years old. (That's about 60 in car years).
My computer sadly lost her name the day my father killed her internet...her spirit broke and she hates doing anything more that playing music for me...and occasionally a dvd...
Maybe I'll name her something new, and fitting to her new personality.

Help me find a name!
i named my computer death in the night yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa present laptop is called Quintessa.....Just Because....
I named my iPod Jett and my laptop Fluoritia, because it's about the color of Fluorite. BAM.


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