I'm going to start with a "Do you prefer...?" question, and then someone will answer AND they'll also include their own "Do you prefer...?" question.
Okay, here we go!

Do you prefer showering in the morning or showering at night?

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Moon(ey) *Giggle*

Moustache or Beard?

Books with pictures or photoless books
Ramen noodles-Raymen or rahmen pronunciation?

Men. they are sometimes hot.

Conservative or Liberal
NEITHER. Yarg >_>

Whiskers or Tail?
Tail...unless its like a bunny tail because those are useless

Nerdfighter or Nerd Fighter?
But both ways of spelling it are awesome (:

Dentist or Doctor?
dentist!! :D :D :D

Do you prefer hoodies or zip-ups?
i have more hoodies, but I like zip-ups with hoods.

Braces or invisiline.
Braces :P

Slides or swings?

Horn-rimmed or wire-rimmed glasses?


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