I use Johns term all the time, but do you think it
will ever become widely used?

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I think it's hilarious, but I think it would lose its touch/purpose if it left Nerdfighteria.

i use it as a thing

Within nerdfighteria, I think it could be a thing. Personally, I say it all the time just to confuse normal people. (Of course, then I explain it to them, because that's the awesome thing to do, but still...)

and yet another oportunity to plug the book Frindle  as it speaks to this sort of process.  that being said, Hank has a point, the fact that we want it to become a thing can build to it becoming a thing, but it can meet resistance that other terms don't run into.  so i don't know

I kind of like it as kind of an identifier of Nerdfighters. Among Nerdfighters, yes I think it could go (or has already gone) big. However, I don't know if it will every be widely excepted worldwide.

it aeady is!!!!!

yes i use it all the time, and then people look at me like....What? and then i explain and then they're're a nerd! and i'm like yeah...i know

I kind of like it not being a thing :p.

yes because we wil make it a thing!

Absolutely. How could you question such a fact? ;)

My friend Kyle and I are trying to get it to catch on in our school. We are planting the seeds in our AP Chemistry class.

haha I use this all the time as well, since I prefer not to curse. I love using it as kind of an inside joke among my nerdfighter friends as well tehe. It'd be kinda cool if it became a thing, though

Although, it should, I seriously doubt that it ever will become widely used. It's a sad reality.


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