I use Johns term all the time, but do you think it
will ever become widely used?

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The fact that it isn't a thing is a thing. That's the whole point.

while this is true of the Hectic Glow, i'm not sure that's the case with this one Sam

Well I guess the fact that even though it isn't a thing it isn't a thing because of that is a thing.

I think that it'll become a thing when it starts popping up more. I found myself thinking "jokes" instead of "cool" after I listened to So Jokes over and over. So if more nerdfighters make an effort to say it more, it'd become a natural thing (not having to think about saying it or making an effort). Only after it becomes a natural thing will it be a real, thing. 

I use it on occasion when I'm in a situation where I can't swear. Like in front of customers at work. I've tried to integrate it into every day language like I have 'so jokes' but it's harder to make a thing. 

Yeah, it'll happen; at least it aught to happen, I mean, c'mon. We're the Nerdfighters.

Soon... very soon.

well I consider it a thing. I say it all the time along with "oh my dead god" and "oh my Rowling"

I think the only reason it hasn't become more of a thing is because it's long. Maybe if we said FTL instead of French The Llama then it would catch on. I don't know if I really want it to, though. I like it being a nerdfighter thing.

doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of repurposing the initials though?

Yeah, I guess it does.

French the LLAMA! How could you say that? Of course it will be a 'thing' day...


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